And the magic number is…..

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I often remember the phrase “third times a charm”.

Last month, I noticed a new icon in the lower right of my tool bar.  It looked like a window.  After a week or so, I opened it and found that it was  invitation for a free full version of Windows 10.  Now, I didn’t like the Windows 8 when it came out so I opted to work around it.  When purchasing two computers I had one built and purchased the more stable Windows 7 AND I ordered a rehabbed laptop also because it came with Windows 7.  Do to what I had heard and believed  about an inferior product, I chose to not partake of the version 8.

So, now, along comes Version 10, I waited and learned my son had installed Version  10 and everything seemed to be working well.  So, I opened my Windows 10 offering clicked yes and got in the queue for my turn to down load the new product.

I got my notice last week, so click here, click there, wait and then down load.  Lots of steps, check compatibility, create restore point, download, install, lots of waiting, but I finally made to that last phase… about 42% everything shut down and restarted in Windows 7.  So, figuring I violated the do not touch anything while we’re doing this button, I started over.  I checked the update page and got a numeric error code with the phrase, “Undeterminable Error”.  That couldn’t be right so I did it again, 3 hours later the same error message came up.

Well I started digging deeper and sure enough I found certain system or security updates whose installation had begun failing in mid-August.  I located a list of 7 system updates that needed installing, selected and successfully installed them.  Here it is 12:30 in the morning and with the currently installed updates it’s time to again install Windows 10.  Third times a charm!

I kept falling asleep, but every time I awoke, I would click on the ACCEPT button and move on.  In the last phase, at 42%, the program shut down and restarted in Windows 7!  Yes I had down loaded Microsoft’s Mr. Fixit.  But that did nothing.  I went back to the “view installed programs” page and was shocked to see that my computer had FAILED to install Windows 10, 40 (FORTY) previous times……….

I think I’ve been given a sign, yep 40 is my magic number……..Windows 7 is the program I’m suppose to have…..


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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One Response to And the magic number is…..

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    There’s always a way. Garbage in, garbage out.

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