Pond Angels

Post # 299

It’s early September here in the lakes region of the upper Midwest.  We are sitting at the table having breakfast.  We continue to admire our new view.  Out our picture window, the property owners having removed three large pine trees, we now have a clear and perfect look at one of the bays on the lake.

This morning we could look upon the lake and see pond angels dancing across the water. Pond Angels, that’s term I coined (maybe original, maybe not) from back home in the middle Midwest.  Many of  you may have seen the pond angels.  As the air cools in the fall and water temperature is still warm, steam, pond angels shift back and forth across the surface of the water.

That’s what we saw this morning. Pond Angels, dancing upon the water.  It’s just one more signal that this summer activities are coming to a close. Our thoughts are beginning to dwell upon those things we need to do to shut down the summer place and begin lining up responsibilities at home. It has been another great time with family and friends.

One last sign of fall, the hummingbirds are no longer visiting the feeder outside our window.  It appears they have begun the journey south leaving our area.  Must be time to pack our bags and follow.

The sun is rising, the pond angels have faded.


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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