Old Art

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I was recalling the other day visiting my Grandma Brock. She and Roy, her second husband, were frugal people. They didn’t have a lot, but enjoyed what the had and each other. They lived in an out-of- the-way location in southern Illinois and family didn’t visit often. Consequently, their retired life was filled with playing cards or camping with friends.

Grandma was great about naming friends that I couldn’t keep straight, as if I’d seen them yesterday.  One day she talked about Art coming to visit.  Art was someone I’d never heard her talk about before.  You may have guessed.  She explained that Art was old Arthur-itist! Being 32 years old I couldn’t related to Arthur-itist, but you can imagine my eyebrows gong up when she explained she would spray WD40 on the joints and rub it in.  WD40 always made it feel better.

I’m no longer 32 and grandma is no longer with us, but Old Art has been visiting me recently.  As you know I summer in the lakes region of the upper Midwest.  My best friend and I spend the summer in search of big pike and muskies.  We spend up to 3 hours at a time casting large lures. Two to three casts a minute, 3  hours at a time. I noticed this summer, that certain finger joints and wrists did not  function as well as usual. Ok, so I used to make fun of my wife who claimed she would determine weather changes by her arthritis. It no longer a fairy tale, I too have joined the ranks of weather prognosticators by my Arthur-itist.

I’ve been checking the web for cures…..and there is was, WD40!!!   So not only in this country but WD40 is also used in England for Arthur-itist!  I still don’t believe it, certainty the relief must come from the rubbing action, NOT the petroleum product.

Be that as it may, Old Art has now been visiting our house, I only hope he doesn’t visit yours.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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