Is Anybody Out There?

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I can remember as a child there were very few religious movies being produced. What comes to mine was in the 50’s the Robe and Exodus, in the 60’s Jesus of Nazareth and in the 70’s it was stage performance of Jesus Christ Super Star.

I’ve just stepped out of the movie house, after watching The War Room.  In the last few years I’ve seen the Passion, God is NOT Dead, and the War Room.  We missed several others.  But we noticed that there were four promos of a religious bent that preceded this movie.  It was amazing to me, how many religious movies are now being produced.

Ok, I accept that The War Room had been running for the two previous weeks, but I expected more than 15 people at the Saturday 2pm viewing.  Then again, WHO goes to these movies?  Definitely, people who are already deemed believers, but do the non-believers go? Do non-believers try to “sneak” in so those church going Hippocrates don’t see them? Probably not many.  Maybe it’s all those other than Christian followers that are looking for some answers–NOT!  No, I think the attendees are all those regular faithful, who are looking for some encouragement, enrichment, support or validity for their faith.  Those faithful that don’t seem to be hearing sufficient support in their usual Sunday morning ritual filled service.

I keep this old old Sunday cartoon in my bible. I like to think of it as my “Is anybody out there, is anybody listening” reminder.

I got out of my seat at the movie and immediately focused on the location of this cartoon.  I just watched a movie on faith, and action, preceded by numerous previews of up and coming Christian movies.  Why are there NOW so many Christian movies?  Why are so few going to them?  Is someone trying to forewarn us?  Is someone trying to tell us something?  Is anybody listening?  Hey, is anybody out there?




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2 Responses to Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    A friend of mine & I went to the War Room on a Friday night. It was nearly sold out, maybe about 20 seats down on the main floor right in front of the screen. It was a great reminder to me of how I can improve my prayer time and why. I can only imagine what was going through my friends mind as she is struggling in some areas of her life. We both shed tears and gained much. We are both better in our walk for going. Our pray is that others will go too. I’m glad this movie was produced! Hope for more like it. Maybe the producers are hoping that as Christians we invite friends or coworkers who might not be believers to go with us, just like we invite them to attend church. It is a starting place. Take care.

  2. says:

    This is a Good One!  

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