Another Cake

Post # 305
Our daughter stopped by the other day with three of our granddaughters. It was fall break and they had been spending a few family days at a cabin in Michigan. This is her husband’s birthday week and she had made a cake from scratch, a German Chocolate cake. (I have discussed cakes previously, see Post #287)

Our daughter made this cake and took it with them to the cabin as a treat. Our son in law, picked up his mother and they all spent the time together.  His mother had decided a pumpkin pie would be nice so she brought one to the gathering. (I wonder—–I sort see this picture in my mind of the TV show Raymond, with his mother and the interaction between Raymond’s mother and wife over cooking!—naw, probably not.)

Anyway, our daughter, the girls and the cake arrived at our house midweek, our son-in-law needed to return for meetings at work. I quietly (not my usual self) sat, looking at my slice of cake, silently and slowing eating it. My mind was trying to remember the last time WE had had cake. I vaguely remember a cake made for one of the grandchildren not too long ago. (As we get older, there isn’t a true reference to definitely determining what “not to long ago means”. (example, we were discussing our last visit to Disney World, “not to long ago”. Not to long ago turned out to be eight (8) years!))

There was a time when, our grandchildren were young, we would have everyone gather for birthday’s including the proverbial birthday cake. But as time goes by, it’s no longer possible to gather the great number of family members for a birthday party, with all the external events in which the children participate.

And so I sat, quietly eating my cake, thinking how much better this is than the what you may purchase anywhere else, and thankful that the mother-in-law took pumpkin pie!!

Boy is this good!


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