The Help

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We were looking for a movie to watch. We scanned our inventory of purchased DVD/VHS items. We usually have a movie night about once a week or every 10 days. Movie night consists of our watching something we already own. Those nights usually go like this…….Wife; “why don’t you pick out a movie for us. “ Me; “Ok”, (standing in front of stacks of 200 selections, I know that 25% of which my wife does not like watching-too much blood, not enough women, etc) So, I make my selection, and say “How about this one.” Wife;” Well, I don’t think I want to watch that, why don’t we choose…..” Me; “Ok”. This last time, Wife; Why don’t you pick out a movie for us to watch.” Me; “NO, you pick it out, we always wind up watching your selection anyway.”
A couple of days later my wife decided we needed to increase our DVD inventory (that’s a once in a year of so comment from her). We motored off to the video store, (we like to buy the previously seen ones, then off to the big box discount store looking at their selection of cheaper DVD’s.   She turns to me and says “lets buy The Help, I liked that book” I said, “we already have it”. She said “never saw it or I would have chosen it to watch at our last movie night”. Went home. I found the DVD, and we watched it that evening.
I like The Help, it’s a good movie. I like snooty people that get what they deserve. The book is a novel, which means it’s fiction. But it really is not fiction, truly it depicts the mindset of many people. And while the movie takes place in the 1960’s, there are those still today that believe in belittling, someone of a differing ethnic, or religious background.
Near the end of the movie, my mind reflected back to a good friend of mine from Africa. We were co-workers for years. He had immigrated here, via Germany and many other stops as a teenager. He told me of the atrocities in his country, of the laws in those days, that restricted more than 3 people on any city street corner, of his being caned, of his coming to this country, going to college, getting his Masters and becoming a United States citizen. There are times that my friend fly’s his mother over here to visit. One day we decided to meet for dinner, my wife and I with my friend and his mother. His mother did not speak English, so he was doing a lot translating for her and us. I thought she seemed un-sure of herself.
Days later my friend told me that at 75 years old, that was the FIRST time his mother had set down at a table and ate with a WHITE man. I was shocked. At her age, and after their country had been somewhat liberated, that she had never had the experience or social mingling to be at a dinner table with a white man.
I believe my friend was showing his mother that some people are just able to get along with each other-I hope she understood that.

Wish more could


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