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I don’t many specifics about my early school days.  I marvel at people that can not only remember their 3rd grade teacher, but can name them, 40 or 50 years later.   I don’t recall anyone that inspired me until a sophomore in high school.

But, there was this one teacher, the assistant principal of our high school. He taught civics class (actually we called it Government).  I wasn’t inspired by this man rather I feared him.  I remember how we were to learn the names of various government officials—seemed dumb to me, since next election they would all be changed anyway.  We had to pay close attention to the construction of our government and how it was designed to work.  (As I recall, what we learned is a far cry from what we have today.)  We also compared our government to that of the workings of a socialistic government.

As I moved on to U.S. History in college, we took a closer look at the progressive movement. It seems that the Progressives really didn’t organized, it was just a bunch of factions all clamoring for their own singular point of view, whether it be working conditions, railroads, socialism, conservation, food and drugs, racism, equality or governmental reform to name a few. Whatever successes were made was because they were aided by people identified as muckrakers, those who would write and publicized for these movements.  The muckrakers would focus and beat the drum on a topic relentlessly. Today we call muckrakers, national newsmen.

So, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming election and those who think they want to be this country’s leader. Not to “pick on” anyone, but I again hear a lot of talk about what the leader/government will do for us, if elected. These people sound progressive, but actually they are Socialists.  As I recall from Civics, socialism is a structure where everything is shared according the needs of the general public, no one gets more, no one gets less.  If you produce more, make more, earn more or try to save more, the extra is taken away and given to someone who produces less, makes less, earns less and saves less.   Everything is owned and/or controlled by the government for the benefit of the people.

Many progressive ideas were put forth, passed an instituted pre-WWI. Later, however,  in 1934 Social Security was passed.  I don’t mind being put into forced “old age saving” my entire life, but that’s not what happened.  My Social Security was given away to someone that didn’t pay into the fund.  Just as my children’s Social Security is now being given to me, (sort of) because mine was given away.  In 1963 (or so) National Health Care for the aged was passed, known as Medicare.  People were forced to pay into a fund for older people unable to pay for their own health care.  And then in 2014 Socialized Medicine was passed in the form of Obamacare (Affordable Heath Act).  The Muckrakers continually focused on the poor and needy living without proper health care.  No one looked to the uninsured populace that would rather buy an HD Color TV to attach to their cable network rather than make health insurance premiums.

Those who purchased health plans before socialized medicine could choose form stripped down or plush plans, (known as the Chevrolet or Cadillac plans) it all depended on how you wanted to allocate your money. Today, Obamacare is requiring the cancellation of numerous stand alone health plans because they aren’t generic enough; if you can afford it you can’t have it. With Obamacare if you don’t need the insurance you still must join, you see the government needs your money to cover some else’s premiums. If you don’t join, then you pay a penalty on the annual tax return, (each year you don’t join the larger the penalty becomes) which means the government still gets your money for someone else-socialism.

And so I think about my Civics Class, and wonder, what is left to be socialized? Well, let’s see, your salary, your home, your fishing rod (if you own two, one must be given away) your cars, your guns (if you have some you won’t for long)…..

Looking back, this government began to change a long time ago…….we already have one foot into socialism.  After all, no one worth anything actually runs for office which complements the majority of people that never votes!  Remember, the people that get into office, make the laws that keep them in office.


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