And The Governor Said NO!

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The Governor of Indiana joined twenty plus other governors stating that their states would not accept any Syrian refugees.   In the wake of the current terrorist activity in gun-free France, it was learned that one, at least one, of the terrorists entered the country with the influx of Syrian refugees.

I can understand the concern of the state’s leadership.  Certainly, however, the governors are not implying a total ban, but rather a temporary halt until everyone is confident that thorough background checks have been accomplished.  The question must be asked, that since Syria has been blown apart, who do you call over there to confirm the background of a refugee?

As these governors announcements were made, politicos began lining up, opposing parties claiming this to be another dumb, stupid move by isolationists, conservatives and Christian fanatics. It should be noted that at this writing all governors closing their border were Republican save for one.  Already the Governor of Connecticut is labeling the current actions by the the Indiana Governor to be expected because of his homophobic background.

But here are some things to consider.

If the Governor of Connecticut or other governors allow Syrian refugees, what’s to stop the free movement of the refugees from one state to another, assuming terrorist aspirations could be the goal of one or more of them?

We are told that the current refugee review (vetting) program takes two years to approve.  (However, if this vetting is as loose and haphazard as the approving of top secret clearances for NSA, then we’re in BIG trouble!-Remember Snowden?)

There is NO vetting of tourists, they come and go with abandon. We like tourists, they spend money.  But what do we know about them?   Could we be infiltrated by terrorists, claiming to be tourists who then just disappear into the country side?

And just how long lasting is our scrutiny?  I think we need to look to Minnesota.  According to the Washington Times and the US News, Minnesota is second only to Alaska for money spent (given) on welfare recipients.   This free flow of money is why the federal government chose Minnesota as the receiver of over 30,000 Somali’s.   Now years after their first arrival in Minnesota, less than 50% of the men are employed as are 54% of the women.  In the United States, one in four ISIS recruits comes from Minnesota, from the Somali community.  It would seem that disenchantment prevails, the land of milk and honey is not as envisioned.  Separatists, alienations, limitations to life and lack of happiness prevail for the United States Somali’s.

So what are we to do?  What are we to accept.  Close our doors?  Turn away Muslim’s?  Allow anyone from war torn countries?

We recall our history, of entering a new land due to religious persecution, and we think that our today should be like our yesterday.  But people don’t come here for those same reasons, with the same hopes and the same energy.  Even our original colonies were separatists, isolationists, and distrustful of each other.

And so, President Obama will call (or have someone call a meeting-doubt that he’ll address a room full of Republican Governors) a conference to clarify our immigration vetting procedures.  Any governors not relenting will feel the full weight of the federal bullying methods as the distribution of federal dollars to the various states, will be stopped. (At this moment, there is a slight majority of U.S. citizens surveyed recommending a halt to the an Syrian Refugee Program.)

Be not deceived, there is but one goal of these terrorist extremists, the complete annihilation of everyone they deem an infidel.


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