Not Even the Birds of the Air

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I remember it well, the day my wife received the call.   Her father and a coworker had been driving to a meeting, when the stroke occurred.  Luckily the coworker was able to reach over and apply the brakes while shutting off the engine, it saved their lives.  My wife being the only one of four children not working outside the home, wanted to fly home and help her mother with her father.  I had been using a strict budgeting concept for a couple of years, so we pulled our vacation money for her airfare and car rental cost.

I immediately recognized the need to step it up, from father to short term single parent.   By the end of the third day, I was calling my wife, curious about the length of her stay. I had a new respect for single parenting.  The business of getting three kids ready for their daily routines, meals, washing, cleaning as well and my regular job was weighing down on me!  Somewhere near the end of the week, I decided to move away from the regular meals, hamburgers, grilled cheese, etc, into one of our favorite casserole type dish, Turkey Tetrazzini.  I tore the kitchen apart looking for the recipe, which was never found!  Finally, I determined to forge ahead, how hard could this be I decided. Remembering what went down my gullet, I began combing the remembered ingredients into the electric skillet. That evening we sat around the table in great anticipation, since I had previously announced what we were having. One bite, two bites and kids quit eating!  Not even close to their mothers dish.  Undeterred, I continued eating exclaiming they should also. No one liked the meal, I was either stuck eating the rest of it, alone, for the next week or so, or pitching it.

This event reminded me of my mother. She prepared some great food, but there was this one time.  Dad wanted her to make homemade donuts.  I don’t know where the recipe came from, but donuts she made.  They were a cake donut, I think.  I remember once baked, coated with sugar our mouth watered for the taste.

The taste——we don’t know what happened, but the taste—–we were crest fallen. They weren’t very good.  Actually they were worse than not very good.  We hated to say anything, but she also noted her disappointment.  So, we voted, (it was unanimous) we chose to bless our dogs with the donuts. (I failed to mention that the dogs didn’t get to vote)

No, the dogs didn’t like them either, they’d pick them up, then dropped them back into the dish! Then they’d pick them up and drop them outside the dis.  We tried to out wait them for a couple of days, but the dogs continued to avoid the donuts. So, cleaning out the dogs dish we threw them to the base of the bird feeder, birds are always on the ground pecking around remnants on the ground.

Nope, not even the birds of the air would touch those things! As I was throwing out what was supposed to be turkey tetrazzini, I realized how my mother must have felt.


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One Response to Not Even the Birds of the Air

  1. says:

    It is a good story, but they were raised donuts that didn’t raise! Not cake donuts. We all loved the story of the birds not eating them! Love

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