I Did IT Again!

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Well, I just checked the internet. You know the place of total and complete knowledge, the digital encyclopedia of our time. I don’t know why I always wait until it’s too late, yes I do know why, I’m just impetuous.

Really I’m fugal. Ok, ok, that maybe too soft, maybe cheap is better word.
Here’s the story; a couple of years ago….(yeah right, actually nine years ago), I had this remodeling project on my to do list. We had built our retirement home, a few years before retirement, and left certain parts of the construction to me as “keep you busy thing-also to save money”. One major item was to “finish” the basement. That means that the basement was merely stud or bare concrete walls, completing (covering the walls) was left to the homeowner-me.

I began buying the materials and “prepping” the area. I determined that the flow of work would be much better if I purchased a new tool to expedite the process. (That’s manager talk, and one thing I am or was, was a manager). I consider myself a pretty fair, or slightly above average rough carpenter. So, I decided I needed a Compound Miter Saw. So I went to my big box hardware store and began looking at the selection of saws (actually this took a number of trips, since sticker shock drove back across the aisle). I remember the television adds about my big box store buying “made in the USA as much as possible”. Yet my frugality kicked in and I, with sale flyer in hand, settled on the purchase of the “store brand” saw, a Tool Shop. (Truth be known, you can’t buy a shop type tool that’s made in this county, I’ve checked every box!) Ok, I should have known by the name, Tool Shop, who’s ever heard of them?

Fast forward nine years, I’m replacing the after-market, add-on, laser light which identifies your cutting line and POP, part of the safety arm falls apart. Let me be clear, I’m not surprised, shocked or disturbed; the saw is nine years old! And being moderately OCD, I turn to my box of alphabetized, equipment manuals and pulled out Miter Saw Owner’s Manual with parts list. I determine the part number, but notice there is NO address, URL, phone number or ANY other contact information. Not to be deterred, I headed inside and consulted the internet for companies having replacement parts for shop tools. To my chagrin, NO ONE carries parts for the TOOL SHOP tools! So, I begin comparing similar saws looking if possible, to make an adaptable part to fit. NONE! Worse than no parts are the blog comments by many people who have experienced the same awakening on the same part on the same saw.

I can’t stand it. I fire off an email to my big box store home office explaining how poor it is that they sell non-repairable tools! A few days later I get a response from the home office, directing me to return it and get a full in-store refund! Wow, more than I expected.
So, I went to my big box store to examine the available selection. The sticker shock drove me across the aisle!  So, I’m analyzing my situation. First, I’m retired; second, I’m not making money doing any rough carpentry work , and finally, most of my larger projects have been completed. So why do I need to pick out a high priced Cadillac type tool.
So, in I go, get my in-store refund (actually a credit slip) and over I go to the tools. I pick out the Performax Miter Saw. Getting it home the overall frame seems to be identical to the old saw.

It’s a few days later and here I am researching the internet, wondering what my future holds.  I don’t know why I always wait until it’s too late, yes I do know why, I’m just impetuous.

And so, I have done it again!.  No one sells repair parts for this Performax Tool that I just bought!!

Well if this one, like the last one, lasts nine years, then my kids can send it to the junk yard.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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