Frustration, frustration, frustration….

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Ok, it must be said the older I get the more I settle into watching news. Why do I do that? Nothing being reported is very good, and most any thing not reported is too boring to watch.

When the local TV station reports on the cat that saved a family from a fire, by knocking plates on the floor and the sound of their breaking awakens the family; I tend to lose interest.

When one country invades another and blood flows like raging streams it’s just another in a string of wars that forged through thousands of years of history.

When the stock market falls, panic ensues but a couple of days later all is well.

But I’ve got to say one of the most galling things was the news of North Korea claiming to have exploded a Hydrogen bomb. I don’t know what they exploded. But the most upsetting thing to me is that they tried. They keep trying, claiming that it’s done to protect them from us. HEY! I don’t really give a rip what they are doing with their lives, nor do most others of us here.

Stop and consider this; for at least eight years, we PAID them hundreds of millions of dollars to NOT research atomic/hydrogen weapons.  What did they use that money for? It used to pay for their research. Bill Clinton’s Administration paid them year after year after year.

Like all Americans, I prefer to identify a problem, determine a solution, begin the resolution, and move on to something else. Case closed! So, as much as I would like to say this was ALL Bill Clinton’s fault, it was merely Bill Clinton’s continuation of an enabling process.  The problem began under the Eisenhower Administration. After WWII all counties were suspicious of each other’s attempt to align allies. We chose to enter Korea to make it democratic while the Chinese wanted to make it Communist. We fought a war to a stalemate and split the country in half and so it remains. We have supported the South, while the North’s suspicion has grown. The South has flourished while the North remains essentially impoverished. What has resulted, has been our fault.
As American’s we believe that we can enter world politics every four to eight year with new solutions.

What in fact we try to do, is to buy loyalty. Korea is one of hundreds of examples. We pay billions each year to bolster regimes that hate us when the money runs out.

Yes, I hold Bill Clinton responsible, who did we have checking on the use of our money. Yes, we were merely being blackmailed. And yes, I hold every other administration similarly responsible for failed payoffs.
It just makes me boil. Frustration, frustration, frustration.


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