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I hate to say it, but it’s true. For some unknown reason, as you get older, you think more about getting older. I can’t put my finger on it. It could be as I look in the mirror, I ponder that the person looking back isn’t me. We just lost Wayne Rogers, (Trapper John, from Mash) the other day.  I am an avid watcher of the reruns (maybe because nothing else is worth watching) and I see Trapper John as never aging, and yet at his passing he was 82. I can’t see him as 82.

There are little things that happen, that make us feel old(er). Remember the saying, “ you want to program your VCR, call you eight year old grandson”; ok, wait that’s a DVD, I mean Blue Ray, I mean DVR, dang, things just keep changing.  I must be showing my age.  If I need help with my Smart Phone, (I’m still in my year one training mode), I call my 10 year old granddaughter.

We (my wife and I) were sitting in the front room having our morning coffee. I looked to my left and a flashing blue light caught my attention. We have moved off of POTS (the  Plain old telephone system) for a wireless base unit with multiple “extensions” throughout the house. We have a wireless house phone as well as two separate smart phones each having their own distinct “codes” to do whatever it is an “administrator” does with phones.

Back to the flashing blue light (no it wasn’t a K-Mart Special), I says, says I, “
A message you have”. So over to one of the phones I traverse, and I read, allowed, the digital read out, “ VM, call your phone company for your code”. My code? What’s my code. My wife responds, and says, WELL, we chose, 12345 ( I don’t remember WE choosing a code). So I press the button that reads, “Press here for VM” and I inserted the directed numbers 12345…nothing. As I’m sitting attempting to sort out the error of my ways, my techno-wife (from across the room) is giving me instructions (boy, where is a grandchild when I need one!)

Finally she says, “give it to me!” As SHE is reading allowed the digital read outs, punching numbers and giving me a play by play, after five minutes, she determines that technology was not really in her job description. Promptly upon her conclusion the phone is back in my hands. Humph, there is no reset, no start over, so I go the base unit and erase all old messages, that’s good, but doesn’t solve my VM problem. So, next, since our phones record all the numbers of all incoming calls I begin erasing two months of history, one number at a time (no, there is no short cut). It’s been at least thirty minutes and: Done I am, and I look to the flashing blue light, which is still flashing and wonder….will I need to go to THE LAST RESORT? RTB!

I trudge to the basement, open the filing cabinet thumb through the folders and pull out THE  BOOK. It’s time to RTB, READ THE BOOK! It’s another five minutes to find the “stuff” in the book, but there’s the steps……the thing is they don’t work. At least they don’t work to erase the number 12345, that the wife has stored as our secret administrative number.

Wait, now I remember, even the book steers you wrong. Yep, found my path, erased the VM and my flashing blue light disappeared All is right with the world.
Just another of life’s little technology challenges to put me in my place, to let me know I’m aging.

When all else fails RTB!!!  (We get about one Voice Mail a year, hope I can remember where I put the book next year!)


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2 Responses to RTB

  1. Josh says:

    Did you ever listen to the voicemail??

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