Mr. Congeniality

Post # 318

It was another morning by the fireplace, coffee in hand.  We were conversing, as most people do. One was talking and the other not truly listening but nodding politely.  We were discussing our next great adventure.  No not the one we were packing for, expecting a drive of a thousand miles.  But the one following this one.  Truthfully, it wasn’t OUR next great adventure, it was my wife’s  plans.  She was envisioning next summers trip and the dates, MY mind was considering that the timing was right at the height of the Muskie fishing activity.

Some statement was mentioned by her and I obediently responded “Yes Dear”. I say “are there other dates to go?  We may have visitors?” “No other dates, it’s a four day window only, I’ll contact friends and see if they can go?” She says.  Yes dear” I say. She drills further, “are you sure?”  Again I say, “Yes Dear, Mr. Congeniality says it’s fine”.   She begins laughing, “who says you’re Mr. Congeniality?”  I state, “hey, let’s look at the facts, you decided to move up our Alaskan Cruise five years and I said, yes dear”.  You decided to move our Florida drive around the state trip up 3 years and I said yes Dear.  When you want us to go visit your sister, I say when and ok, let’s go.”  When you decided you want us to travel during the middle of the best fishing, I said yes dear.  Therefore I voted, for myself and it was unanimous.”

To which she says, “I don’t know if that’s right.”  ( I should have responded with Yes, Dear) But, going for the kill, I responded with, “think about how many times I’ve denied you what you wanted to do, and then consider whether or not I qualify as Mr. Congeniality”  Having rested my case, I moved on.  A few days later, out to dinner with my mother,  my wife turns to her and says, “HE, THINKS HE’s MR, CONGENIALITY.”  There was guffaw all around.

I don’t understand.  It was a unanimous vote of one, but it just seemed to me that if you agree with everything your spouse wants, that must fall into the definition of being congenial.  Maybe I’m confusing congenial with subservient.  That must truly be it.  I’m confused.  I’m Mr. Subservient.

If you think I’m going to tell her I’ve voted myself Mr. Subservient……….you’re not as smart as I take you for…….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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