The Phases of Disney

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As I stated last time, we’ve been doing a winter tour of Florida. It’s sort of the wife’s bucket list. This week finds us in Disney World.

I am sitting here on our fifth day at Disney World, (actually fourth and half day) reflecting on this Disney trip.

Our first trip was when our children were young. Our youngest child was five. He kept on pulling us to the castle, we couldn’t understand why. Once at the castle he was full of disappointment. Later we learn that he had seen the commercials where the characters all came rushing from the castle singing and dancing, which did occur upon our arrival. There were so many things to see and do and I became sooo tired. But, thanks to my parents for sticking with us and providing the experience.  We loved Wilderness Park.

Around twelve years later, what I called the trip of the Fab 5, was a a return appearance at Disney. Certainly the Disney organization would have hoped for a greater number of returns by us, but we were still treated like royalty.  As the makeup of our family changed, we expected that this would be the last of the family vacations.  The older two were in college, the youngest a senior in high school.  We would never again be together as a family.  We enjoyed our time there as children.  All Star Music was our residence.

As things would have it, our youngest chose to be married in Orlando six years later.  The family all flew in for the event.  After the marriage we moved everyone, kids, spouses, grandkids and mom to Disney for four days. The wedding couples’ honeymoon plans fell through, so we made arrangements to include them!  The family was back together, but my dad had been gone for some time. We let everyone go their own way, on their own schedule.  To say that I, as type A personality tried to keep track of everyone, was an understatement.  I would liked to have joined each of them for one ride together during our stay, but that didn’t happen.  (Except for a great Star Wars ride that I had with two grandsons, that I’ll never forget!)  We also celebrated my sixtieth birthday there.  It was another All Star Music time.

As I said in the beginning ,we are doing the bucket list, eight years later. Things have really changed.  So many updated rides, new hotels and events.  We can see a significant change in all the parks, and places to eat are now so numerous.  In our first trip, eating places were really sparse. As older people, we’ve upgraded ourselves to the Yacht Club Resort.  We walked through this resort on our previous visit and thought it would be enjoyable.  By the room discounts offered, we selected what appeared to be a slow week in their schedule.  I guess another 15 million people took their kids out of school and did the same thing! Schools must be shut down all over the country. We have noticed that we are NOT drawn to the same rides as our first visit.  (We walked right by It’s a Small World!)  We’ve done a lot more sitting and people watching.  I will say that we attacked this trip by first selecting those not-seen-before attractions, then we revisited old friends that have been updated.

It wasn’t long before our thoughts turned to home.  The feet hurt.  The hips hurt.  The knees hurt.  Where is your youth when you want it?  We had looked forward to visiting the better upscale restaurants this trip.  Unfortunately, parents brought their completely exhausted, fusing, screaming children in also (when we had kids we couldn’t have afforded these restaurants).  We also analyzed child rearing and wondered why parents today weren’t as perfect as we were?

In our first trip, all Disney gardening seemed to be done at night, now, it’s also during the day.  Our purchases could be sent your room, now we must pick them up at the Resort Gift Store.  Be that as it may, we are packed and thinking about home and shoveling snow.

Yes, we watched Disney go through phases.  Looking back I guess we have gone through phases too. Wonder if we can stand another phase of Disney?


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