The Brown Derby

Post #321

There’s been a cute commercial on TV recently about a family of settlers, living amongst a modern community.  The point of the commercial is that the “settlers” settle for cable TV with all its wires instead of dish TV.  The settlers just are laid back and settle for life as it is.

I’ve been talking about our bucket-list trip to Florida and our recent stay at Disney World.  It was our chance to enjoy the magical place as adults without the worry and pressure of getting “the children” to all the rides they want to do.  My wife had heard so much about the Brown Derby in California that she wanted to experience the upscale restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I began our Florida Planning eight months prior to our departure.  The closer our trip came the more things needed to be finalized.  Seven weeks prior to Disney, I made some dinner reservations to assure that we had a table (based upon Disney’s warning that waiting too late might affect your expectations).

The evening came and we arrived timely, in fact a little early.  The décor was interesting.  You could tell this was a finely designed place, probably similar to its original (although later we saw pictures of the original and the tables were not at all similar.)  We were escorted to our table.  I think I’ll call it table number 2; number 2 because it was the second table from the kitchen.  Is this what Disney means about making your reservation seven weeks early?  Or is this just like every other restaurant that sticks older white haired people near the noisiest, most traveled pathway?  Be that as it may, we “settled” for the location.

It wasn’t long, actually it became very long, that we noticed that our waiter was assigned tables, 1, 2, 3 and a couple more.  Most notably, table 3 had been there upon our arrival and number 1 came in later.  Both of these tables, we noted contained demanding people. Our waiter had little time to focus on us for the demands of these two tables.  But being Midwesterners, we “settled” for the aurora of our surroundings.

Now I need explain that the Brown Derby, at Disney, is situated just off from the center of the Hollywood Studios park.  Just as we were entering the restaurant, the park staff was setting up for the music performance.  As my wife and I were “settling” for the tranquility and the slowness of the waiter service we noticed the boom, boom, boom of the base of the music at park central.  In fact as we watched about 15 waiters continually carrying food by us on this half of the restaurant, we noticed that their steps were in time with the boom, boom, boom of the base outside!  We noted this for the 2 hours we were there.  Ok, ok, I stretched it, it wasn’t 2 hours, it was 1 hour and 50 minutes!  It only seemed like 2 hours, or was it 3?

Oh and by the way, upon our arrival at the restaurant, we noted a number of people that were waiting for tables without a reservation.  After we were seated, they were seated, served and exited, while we were still listening to the boom, boom, boom of the base.

We are from the Midwest and we settled for listening to the boom, boom, boom of the music during our dinner.   By the way, my tip was small, I figured that since the demanding people were so well attended to they must have tipped appropriately, more than making up for my pittance.


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