Change of Life

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Change of Life. I remember being young, a child, losing baby teeth, changing voice, growing hair on my legs and face. All those things that move you from youth to adult.  Our thought processes, making adult decisions.  I remember, also that as a child, we do or did some things that adults thought was foolish.   But as an adult, those same actions would be an every-day occurrence.

So, as I am now getting older, I’m beginning to lose my adult teeth, the hair on my legs has disappears as well as most of the hair on my head, and bits of my mind seem to be going.  There are other things which could be mentioned, which aren’t for inclusion in this primetime family blog.  And now, I do things that are again classified as foolish in the eyes of my adult children.  I can remember my grandfather getting in his car and traveling a great distance (so we thought, for his age) just prove he could do it (and not get lost)).

I am remembering my early years of marriage. I know my wife had designs of remolding me into a better man. She had this idea of changing my life, changing me into her ideal husband, or some facsimile.  She began by wanting to change my desire to wear green colored clothes. It never happened, at least not for 43 years, although through her persistence I do have one green shirt today.

Then it was a my thought process.  I’ve always been a TYPE A personality.  I’m a list maker, usually, the first item on my list is “make a list”.  I can feel accomplishment by being able to CROSS one thing off my list!  By being Type A, I think I made a fairly good supervisor of 3oo people.  Although, in the beginning of my management, I had to learn to let my co-workers find solutions rather than my trying to pull them along my ideas.   My Type A didn’t work well at home, no one in my immediate family wanted to follow my thinking, imagine, they all wanted to think for themselves. Some how, dad (me) had lost his leadership credibility at home. The credibility went to my Type B wife.

As I have implied, I am getting along (or up) in years, and my wife seems to be making a lot more of the decisions.  Or maybe it’s just that I now see better, it’s more visible to me, that she had always been making the decision maker, secretly.  I am noticing that I tend to sit back more.  I believe I’ve stated in an earlier blog how we pick out movies to watch.  Usually the ones I want suggest I never see unless I’m alone.  We usually watch her “suggested” alternative, unless I just give in and first choose one she prefers.

I am beginning to notice that when she makes a decision, I just naturally agree, it’s just easier.  I have also noticed that if I suggest a modification to her decision, it is not acceptable.  The modification doesn’t fit her thought process.

I guess what I’m really seeing is that after all these years, she IS changing me.  I’m becoming less Type A and more Type B.  I am becoming more laid back, or is that beat down.  She on the other hand, is becoming more Type A. Maybe she was always a Type A, a patient Type A, waiting for her chance to take over!  I should have seen this coming, in the years my children were growing up, when she was managing and I was being shelved. OK, she let’s my me retain my Type A worry about everything, while she makes the decisions.

I’m thinking that with all these decisions she has been making that it won’t be long before she decides we need to take a little trip.  That trip will have me standing on the side walk at the HOME, while she drives off into the sunset.

It’s just the Change of Life.


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