The American Revolution

Post #324

I’ve been thinking a lot about the current American Revolution.  You know it’s what is euphorically call the run for the United States Republican Presidential Nomination.

I am befuddled.  I am at a complete loss to understand the American public.  Yes, I’m going to talk about Mr. Trump, not personally, but in general.  I don’t understand the picture that the American public is presenting, this desire to have an “Outsider” as President. The great thrust seems to be that those claiming to be Republicans are fed up with the Capital Hill gridlock and they only see a non-politician fixing that.

  1. PEOPLE, you caused the gridlock!  You elected the members of congress that can’t get along.  AND, you didn’t elect enough of one group or the other, to achieve anything other than conflict!
  2. PEOPLE, one person, a President, CAN NOT eliminate the gridlock that you created, unless, you are planning to elect a dictator to do away with the current government.

I want to think about this wall everyone is so prominently mentioning. The wall  that want-to-be-President Trump plans to build at the expense of the Mexican government. The numbers get bantered about, but we have either 11 or 20 million illegal immigrants in this country.   Do we have enough law enforcement to identify and deport 11 million (or more) people. Can we afford the airfare for 11 million passengers?  The rub rests in the fact that people believe immigrants come to this country for the “free ride”, some do, some don’t.  A study by the Center for Immigration Studies, concluded that in 2012 62% of illegal immigrants receive Any (some form) Form of Welfare. Any form includes, housing, food, cash, medical, educations, etc.

Here’s my (demented) thought.  Let’s eliminate the taxes on every corporation that moves it’s entire production to Mexico, including workers.  All the immigrants will then want to move back to Mexico.  Then Mexico can deal with an immigration problem.  We can eliminate our Welfare System.  We won’t have to build a wall because all the illegals will move back home.

Here’s another observation.  Certain politicians in this country have taken a lot of flack for wanting to stop the influx of Muslims from the war torn mid-east.  Certain socialistic type politicians believe we should do our fair share about these European refugees and share the burden by bringing some here.

Question: How many Hispanic immigrants has he European block taken?  The Syrian Refugees account for a few million, we in the United States have already approved, (or pardoned) up to 5 million illegal immigrants a couple of times in our recent history and we still have up to 20 million residing here.

Back to my original thought, I guess giving corporate tax breaks for moving won’t work.  Over 50% of the corporations are already not paying income taxes AND everybody is already moving their manufacturing out of the U.S.  That’s why we signed those GATT and NAFT treaties a couple of decades ago, so companies could move their facilities around and NOT have to pay ANY tariff’s on shipment of goods across national boarders.   Sorry Mr. Trump, you can’t put a 35% tax on Carrier’s Mexican production of air conditioners.  Just another thing you don’t understand.

I guess I don’t have a thought after all!


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