Experience is the best Teacher

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I think I’ve heard this all my life, “Experience is the best teacher”.  I’m thinking that it’s usually said by someone that just had an unexpected result to a personal effort.   Like the time I hammered my thumb, lesson-never take your eye off the nail!

My family and I had a evening arranged with another couple.  I had almost forgotten the date.  I don’t even recall now how I was reminded or how last minute the remembrance came.  I do recall, that my wife wasn’t happy with me for my lack of memory until the last minute!  I recall that this was, for us, a late evening event, about 6:30 or 7 pm.  Well, that’s late evening for those of us with young children.   So my wife prepared something  quick, we ate, and then ran on over across town.  We sat and talked for awhile, in the lingering aroma of their dinner.  Soon, to our shock, we discovered the aroma wasn’t their past dinner, but soon to be OUR dinner!  We politely sat down to another meal and picked at a the delicious spaghetti meal, we were afraid our kids would spill the beans, so to speak.  Our host, became fidgety and finally couldn’t stand it, he asked if there was something wrong with the food?  I sat there and had to make this confession.

We were a long way from home, new to the area, and desperately needing to make friends.  There were a couple of families we were attempting to “break into” and establish, common ground, a link of friendship. It was a Sunday, we were waiting for one of the couples.  The day before, we had invited them over for a lunch cook out.   About 20 minutes before the their arrival, a call came and they wanted to change the plans.  They didn’t want to come over.  They did however invite us over to their house instead and the other couple we liked (who were also their friends) would be there.  So we agreed, packed up and went on over.  We sat around and talked, the kids played, there was no cookout, no food being prepared, nothing.  Two hours into the day, some cheese and crackers were offered and our kids devoured them.  So, I explained to this evenings hosts, that we excused ourselves after the snack, as soon as possible, and made a bee line for the closest hamburger joint.

So there we sat, stuffed with spaghetti, and of us laughing at our predicament. Since my mind had forgotten the engagement, our experience taught us NOT to expect to be fed when we met with another couple.

What did I really learn?  Not every experience is a good lesson to remember.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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