The LAST Oreo

Post #329

My wife and I were talking the other day, actually I was grumping and she was sort of listening.  I was in the midst of talking like an old grumpy, constantly complaining, never satisfied grandpa.  I had a point to make and I couldn’t see why the whole world didn’t see my perspective.

I had just finished reading about a never before heard to my ears company, called Mondelez International.  Talk about shattering the glass ceiling, let me tell you this lady CEO has done that.   Her leadership of Mondelez would rival any CEO in an equivalent position.  She had just last year, negotiated a $46 million dollar concession from the companies employees.  That action alone must have helped cover her $21 million dollar annual salary. Ok, sure, things that happen between companies and employees are their own business.  Usually, I don’t care what goes on, unless I believe it affects me.  Mondelez, I discovered, is the parent company over Nabisco and Kraft among other companies.

Apparently getting a $46million dollar cost savings wasn’t enough for this CEO.  Less than a year after the wage concessions were agreed to Mondelez announced that next year it needs further wage savings and will be trading its $15 per hour Chicago land Oreo plant salaries for $2.30 per hour wage costs in Mexico.   Now I understand that Mondelez has plants worldwide; good for them, those foreign plants expands their markets; good for them.  But Mondelez plans on laying off 600 Chicago land workers.  The kicker, is that Mondelez will turn around and expect to sell their new Mexican product back into the United States. With the 84% cost savings, do you think the new price of Oreo’s to be 84% less? Yeah, whose dreaming that up?

I guess what gets me is that Mondelez wants to double dip, i.e.saving their costs and yet pick the pockets of U.S. citizens.   They want to score a big U.S. profit while incurring a small Mexican cost.

I have this great idea, I think the CEO should be mandated to ALSO be move to Mexico AND be paid in Peso’s.

I was raised on Oreo’s!  I love the Double Stuffed!  Kraft Cheese, has been a family staple.  I probably today, stand alone on this, but I’ve purchased my last Oreo.  In fact, my shelves will no longer hold any known Nabisco nor Kraft items.

My wife will have to go back to baking all the cookies when the grandkids show up…….

Mondelez…….you’ve been in my pocket for the last time!!!!!


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