The Fashion Walk

Post #332

You just can’t imagine what I have to put up with.  (I know ending a sentence with a preposition is not correct, but I’m NOT an English teacher, and you get the picture)  I’m just under a lot of stress!!!!

I’ve mentioned in the past, that the early years of our marriage were formative years.  The years, my wife had envisioned re-molding me.  I was a picture of blue hues in my closet.  Blue jeans, blue shirts, ok, on special occasions black slacks and a white shirt (for church), with a black tie.

While in my working days I was a suit and tie man.  Usually, suits slightly above average cost lasted longer.  I still have three highly functional suits in my closet and six white shirts, although their usage is now reserved for Christmas, Easter and funerals.  Since my retirement, this last decade has me reverted to my teenage years of blue jeans and tennie’s.  I usually keep two pairs of tennie’s, one pair for dress-up (going to town to one of the middle grade eatery’s) and one pair to bang around in, hiking in the woods, fishing, etc.  After a year or two’s worth of banging around, the old pair gets pretty well beaten up and the new pair gets moved down the banging around class.  I get to buy a new pair of tennie’s once in a while.

I’ve been making fun of today’s tennie’s worn my so many of the younger people, various colors, some with this iridescent color scheme. Just give me my white (made in America) New Balance tennie’s.  I had quite a shock to me last summer;  First I learned that New Balance soles are made in China, AND, I took my wife with me tennie shopping, you know the person that’s been trying for 48 years to modify my clothing style.  I was steered away from the all white tennie’s, I was emphatically told that only OLD people wear white tennie’s.  (I’m 68, wouldn’t that classify me as old?) Anyway, picture me unhappily being steered to the displays of non-white shoes!  I’m trying on all kinds of tennie’s and settle on an uncomfortable pair of dark grey shoes that satisfies my wife.  Now, at least I’m amongst the middle of the fashion stream, no longer can I be labeled an out cast with white tennie’s. Never mind that after two days of Disney walking I had to bandage 3 toes to cover the blisters.  I’m in the fashion walk.

We’ve been back home for a while.  I’m back in form, thankfully wearing my knock-round tennie’s every day except for the a couple of hours in the “go to town tennie’s”. Life is back to normal.

By the way, my wife read in the paper that the fashion trend is to white tennie’s!  Wow, either I waited to too long to switch, or more probably, the fashion trend caught up to my fashion setting ways!


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