Making the Decision

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I want to testify, that we have been blessed with three wonderful children.  They have been and are the joy of our lives.  We believe they were the purpose of our being on the this earth and why God united the two of us.  One has been involved in the leadership of a local Christian School, one has a heart for world health and has spoken at the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland, and one has a heart for inner-city education.  This blog is about our daughter who has written this message on her last day at work.

The Last Day

Nearly five years ago, my heart broke when my then 4-year-old asked why I missed the Mother’s Day tea at her school. I had the invite and noted the time for her musical program, but neglected to add to my busy calendar the “Tea before the program.” I imagined her sitting alone in her classroom with the other moms/kids with their lemonade and cookies, watching the door and waiting for me to arrive. Then she handed me my gift: a sweet little book about her mom through her eyes. On the page that describes what her mom likes, she chose to enter, “work at her job.” I crumbled.

I do love to work at my job. My company exists for a purpose. We employ awesome people. We are making a difference. I loved knowing that I was contributing in a great way. But, missing that Mother’s Day tea changed my life. I realized that I had an even greater purpose. My family is awesome people. I can make an even more impactful difference, and contribute in an even greater way. I kept her sweet little gift as a reminder to me, nearby at my desk for the last five years, knowing someday I would approach this day.

This day is my last day of work at this amazing place. After 16 years, the time has come for me to walk out those doors for the last time. I have had wonderful opportunities. I’ve connected with great people. And hopefully, I’ve made a difference. It’s time for the next chapter. One that isn’t entirely certain – but I trust that God will protect and guide my family and this company.

This week has been very difficult. Saying goodbye is never easy. The amount of notes, texts, cards, hugs, emails and kind words have been overwhelming. The number of colleagues/friends that have told me they love me is humbling. I am so very blessed.

This is a hard thing. But sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

I’m leaning heavily on my life verse, Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you may go.”


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2 Responses to Making the Decision

  1. Tom Swartz says:

    You are right to be proud of such a wonderful daughter.

  2. #3 says:

    Guest blog. Hope she knew in advance!

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