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I was doing my usual internet news perusal, you know the Google news, then CNN, BBC, Facebook news links etc., etc.  I click to the links and trace note worthy news items all over the place.  I forget now where it started but I got to the Washington DC, in the belt-line, news items.

It was there I read the story about President Obama’s next Executive Order.  He’s been advised and it’s determined that we need to have standardized automobiles.  Seemingly, we spend too much money on cars and trucks and we are not socially equal.  His new order will required that NO ONE have a car that weighs more than 3500 pounds nor cost more than $32,000.  Everyone currently having any vehicles that doesn’t meet those guidelines will be required to turn them in.  It’s true!  NO ONE will be allowed to have a car that doesn’t meet the new government guidelines!  If you can’t afford one, there will be government subsidies or credits to help you obtain one.   Everyone who keeps the larger non-government approved vehicles will have to pay a tax. For each year beyond the cut off date that you keep your bigger vehicle the greater the tax will be.  The Federal Government will link the data on the Federal Income Tax Returns to each State’s Vehicle Registration Data Base to force compliance. With this tax, the government can then spread the money back to those who can not afford to buy the new government car.

I found it interesting to learn that the Government has been looking into this for some time and has chosen to have the new governmental-mandated cars made in Kenya, as being the most economical, and since all U.S. auto makers are moving their production and assembly to places like Mexico and Chins there is no need to be concerned about national allegiance to them. True, I read this in the valid source of all information, the internet, I think it was at the site called http://www.mostlytruefacts.org.

In honor of Kenya’s new found economic boost, they have decided to call this new car, Obamacar.    😉



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