Princess Bride

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Princess Bride was a movie I hadn’t discovered until, oh, ten years after it was on the big screen.  That’s usually the way I get movies……we seldom go to theaters to watch’em, sorry, that’s just the way my wife likes it.  She thinks walking out of a movie that she dislikes when we’ve paid for tickets, is a waste of money….but, if we bought a movie and she doesn’t like it, leaving an in-home viewing is okay, go figure.  She can just leave it to her husband (me) to watch…

Princess Bride was a movie we could watch, over and over….well, my over and over usually includes more over and overs that she can tolerate.  If you’ve not seen it, it was just romantic enough to hold her interest and just manly-sci-fi enough to hold my interest.

And no, to all you netflix’ers we don’t have that (luxury).  I know, I know, my grandkids consider my lack of Netflix as backward as I considered my grandmothers 2 longs and 1 short, party line telephone.  (She’d always listen for somebody else’s ring and softly pick up the phone and listen in.) If you don’t know what that is then you ARE very young.   As I’ve said before, cable internet has not and WILL NOT find our particular portion of the universe.  Instead, we have to pay for very megabyte of internet we use, (thank you Verizon), so paying for internet service AND paying for Netflix would be expensive, one movie and I’d be over my gigabyte usage for the month.

All of which brings me back to why I BUY movies, DVD’s formerly VHS’s.  As I said we (both she and I) liked the movie Princess Bride.  It was cute how the stable boy, expressed his love for the owners daughter by always responding to her demands with “As you wish”. It was just a little code he developed in his own mind, to replace what he really wanted to say, ” I love you”.

I have been watching my grandchildren grow and although we don’t have the luxury of seeing them on a weekly or even a regular basis, we always tell them that we love them.  I’ve always believed, that we must hug our grandchildren AND children when we meet for  a visit and when they leave, as a sign of love.  But, as some of you have experienced, there is an age where the grandchildren begin to push you way, not wanting to be seen showing much affection to us old people, AND getting tired of us saying we love you.  They get bored with those of us who are getting older, seemingly wanting to say I love you, every minute we see them (over-kill).

And so it is that the Princess Bride jumped into my head.  Now as each of the grandkids begins reaching that age of push back, I like to get close and softly say, “Never Forget”.  “Forget what”, they say.  “That grandpa loves you”.

Someday we will hardly be anyone’s memory, but today I can smile and say, Never Forget.




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