57 Merc

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I am recalling the old adage that I have heard many women use, ” the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”.  As many of you know, I enjoy the “art” of freshwater fishing.  Or more narrowly, the chase of those toothy predators known has northern pike and the elusive Muskie. I also tend to limit my activity to one particular lake, with 115,o00 acres of water.  Often a body of water that size tends to become rough (bouncy for you non-fisherman) and the raising and lowering of the electric trolling motor may become precarious.

Through my early childhood, my parents were able to purchase a series of new vehicles. Before today’s new car packaged options, new car purchase options were a la carte, you were given the choice to pick or reject the “add-ons”  It was in the 1960’s I began seeing television commercials touting the option of power windows.  I exclaimed to my father how “neat” it would be if we got that next time. I remember a pause, and then he responded, ” the more you new things you put on the more than can go wrong”.

I believe that his comment reflected back to his purchase of the 1957 Mercury!  I believe that this would have been our second new car, a beauty is was too.  What brings it to mind was the its newest gadget, Push Button drive.  Yep, instead of a gear shift lever you had a box on the left of the steering wheel on the console, with push buttons, much like today’s telephones. However, the push buttons didn’t work as expected, you never really knew what the box would do, maybe forward, maybe backward, maybe nothing.

Back to my newest “toy”.  I had convinced my wife that in my creeping up the age ladder, that the newest product by Minn Kota was an item needed purchasing,  It is an electric trolling motor, with remote control for raising and lowering it in and out of the water.  No more crawling up front in rough water to manually raise up the older unit. Ahh, the joy of modern technology.

After two days of reading the book and on lake operation, I had 3 days of stuck on the bow non-operating.  It’s now been six days in the shop.

And so the 57 Merc comes to mind, “the more new things you put on, the more that can go wrong”.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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