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I have been attending church since my youth in the 1950’s.  Like a lot of people, it was what you did on Sunday morning, that and nap during what was called the sermon. I usually attended what some people refer to as an up-down church.  Songs were interspersed throughout the hour and you got up and sat down with each song.  The messages were usually based upon the ministers interpretation of social awareness.  In the 1960’s we moved to a small farming community where my family became acquainted with a retired minister then in his 70’s, Dr. Franklin (he lived to see 100)  Occasionally he would be a guest speaker at our local church, we were enthralled with his preaching.  At the time I felt like it was like words from God.

It was about 1970, after our marriage, that the church we were attending, did a summer swap of ministers.  Ours to Scotland and their’s here.  I had my first exposure to Expository preaching.   WOW!!!  No more sleeping during the sermon.  For summer time our church was unusually packed, standing room only. He didn’t cover a typical five biblical words and then generalizations, no, rather it was here is what the Bible says, and that’s that!   These messages moved me, not only in heart but into a church philosophy today. Later as we moved and changed churches, we looked for a church that you feel drawn to help, find your their need and fit into int.  Accomplish the task.  If you’re done move on to another challenge, or even another church.

It’s 1984, we were at the funeral home, my grandfather is now following the earlier passage of my grandmother.   The family is gather around, my parents have asked their dear friend Dr. Franklin to perform the funeral service.  My father understands that I wish to speak to Dr. Franklin about the next days service.  With the gathering of so many people, I suggest there be a significant salvation push.  I was taken-a-back to hear Dr. Franklin say he doesn’t do that at funerals, because it would make some people nervous.  I was disappointed and conceded to his wishes.  Weeks later I was glancing at my grandfathers’ bible and noted significant underlining of salvation messages. Had I only known that the evening before the funeral service.  What an opportunity we missed to push some Expository preaching!  I often wonder if one soul could have been reached that wasn’t.

We’re in an unfamiliar setting today, recently moving into a LARGE church, with a rotation of five preachers where expository preaching is the norm.  Now, to just find where the need is and our fit…..


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