The Post Office Box

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I believe I have previously talked about bullies.  We, as a general public, are becoming more aware of how bullies affect our school children.  But bullying can go beyond the classroom.  I have stated that our building our retirement home in the rarely used family woods must have caused some consternation amongst certain neighbors.  This consternation had developed into “attacks” upon items delivered into my remotely placed mailbox. Often our mail has been removed and thrown on the ground,  scattered long the road or just disappeared.  We never reported the situation, since living on a dead end road would make identification of the perpetrator nearly impossible. My resolution was to establish a change of address for us as a Post Office Box address.

This background brings me to my latest reoccurring gripe:  The delivery of mail/internet ordered goods.  I become almost fanatical when my order is refused because I list my shipping address as a Post Office Box!  What gauls me the most, is upon scrolling down the retailers website page I see their address is a Post Office Box!!!!

Ok, ok, if what I am ordering is large enough to require handling by UPS or FedEx, I understand.  But, let me give you some insight.  All of our Christmas orders destined to our “physical address” delivered by FedEx or UPS are delivered directly to our local  Post Office for me to pick up!  What is that?  That makes the Post Office cross reference our physical addresses to our Post Office Box so we can be notified a package is waiting for us.

I recently placed an internet order for some tickets, (with a live person, because their Website wouldn’t function).  When it came to shipping address I was again confronted with the PO Box vs. physical address problem.  For “cripe sakes” we’re talking tickets, not a couch!  So I got a little huffy, (ok, maybe more than a little), I confronted the person saying, “so my tickets will arrive by FedEx?”  “Well, I doubt it” the person says.  “So” says I, “if you’re mailing me the tickets, why can’t you mail them to my Post Office Box?”  “Let me see if my program will take the PO Box address, yes it does, the tickets should arrive one week before the event”.  Interesting one before the event makes that 10 weeks from now…..ummm, hope I get them…  Six days later the tickets arrived. Go figure!

Even these companies are bullies.  They set company policy, delivery rules, without regard to the customer.  grrrrrrrrrrrr.


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