Another Slap in the Face

Post #342

Have you ever heard the term Manifest Destiny? It was used in relation to Divine Providence.  I’m not a “bleeding heart” but there are just certain things that weren’t done correctly in this country.  We as a nation justified the removal of American Indians from their homes as our Manifest Destiny under Divine Providence.  We took their lands for our own use.  Note, the Federal Government took the land and then sold it to white men for their own use. (Sometimes known as redistribution the wealth.)

Today the Government still does that, but the new term is Imminent Domain.

I have stated before that I take maximum advantage of the many blessings of visiting the upper Midwest in the summer time, at place called Leech Lake.  We stay on a little piece of private property within the confines of the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, which is within the boundaries of the Chippewa National Forest.

On the northeast side of the lake is a place called Battle Point (Sugar Point), which claims to be the site of the Last Indian Battle in the United States (October 1898).  (I don’t know how that squares to Wounded Knee)  Accounts of this battle indicate that all the soldiers came by boat across the lake while the Indians were all on shore awaiting the white mans arrival. Apparently beach landing was not a practiced maneuver with this army. It appears that the soldiers got the worst of the conflict. A Major Wilkinson was the only officer killed during the battle.  In honor of his heroic efforts a town was named in this honor.

The town of Wilkinson lays on Hwy 371 between Walker and Cass Lake Minnesota.  The town, or what’s left of it, is a slap in the face of the local tribe.  The town is in the National Forest at the edge of the Reservation.  There are only about 3 homes left in Wilkinson and it doesn’t even qualify for any municipal recognition, its not even on the Minnesota State Highway Map.

But there it sits, Wilkinson, named for a white man killed in the last Indian war, and placed next to the reservation.

“Divine Providence” via white mans Manifest Destiny. Just an excuse to take away someone’s rights who you believe to be inferior to you.


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