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As a child, I can remember sitting on the ground, in the dark, a park near Munster Indiana.  When the first rocket exploded I wanted to run away.  The noise was frightening.  Over the years we watched 4th of July fireworks all around our many home locations.  Beside watching them on the prairie, I watched them from a boat, and on a pontoon boat in the middle of a lake where we could turn and watch three different towns display fireworks.  I watched fireworks at Disney, where the fireworks are displayed every night.

I’m sorry to say I’ve lost my interest in the July 4th fireworks.  It must be that almost every little town has some sort of fireworks demonstration. The fireworks industry has retail outlets everywhere.  You can invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars for your own private demonstration.  We can watch or heard fireworks on the 2nd,  3rd, and 4th of July.  Some years the fireworks begin the week before.

No it just seems the importance of the holiday has been lost to commercialism. It’s just one more holiday to have a big sale.  Get off work and drink beer at the beach, park or back yard.  It’s just like any other weekend.  It’s not so spectacular anymore.


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