Just Karma

Post #346

Clouds surrounded her. It was a dark time in her life. The funeral was over, now came the reality, of what seemed like non-reality. How was she to cope? How does any nine year old little girl understand that her mother is gone? Her mothers’ cancer had progressed beyond repair. In the last years of her life, her mother had become an avid church attender. At least that’s what her older brother told me.

It was thirty years later and the brother and I were discussing world events or more specifically world tragedies. It’s just Karma he says. “Karma?”  I question. “Have you considered Divine Destiny?” Have you considered that there may not be the rosy conclusion everyone thinks in coming, bur rather a tragic ending before a new beginning?”  “Nope, why” he says, “would I believe in a God that took the mother away from my nine year old sister?  My mother died of cancer, in her last two years she went to church fanatically, it didn’t do her any good.”

I wanted to talk about Luke 13:1-2, but you could tell he had shut down.  It was obvious, he had expected a miracle, had probably prayed for it, but his wish was not granted to his satisfaction. It wasn’t that he rejected God for his sisters sake, but for his own disappointment.

I wanted to talk about Karma and what he thought it meant and how it applied to his (their) situation.  How can you reject God and accept a faith with another “Supreme Beaning”?  Did he really understand Karma or merely hear it’s commonly used phrase, “what goes around, comes around”?

I wanted to……but if your good at reading people, you can tell when they shut down.  If your really good at reading people you know when to shut up.  Maybe some day he will discover, that faith is NOT about what you can get, but about what you’ve ALREADY been given.  Hopefully, the door may open, but for now we just have to try to be an example.


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