Then Last Frying Pan

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I’ve been through a lot of life, more than many and less than some people. The frying pan is just a marvel. It’s been around for years and yet there’s something mystical magical about one.

Frying pans come in all shapes and sizes.  Some pans are round, (wonder why it was determined to make a around pan?)  some are square, some are deep others shallow.  I’ve seen some even used not for frying, but also baking!!  I’ve seen old time western movies that show cowboys washing out their pan (in them days called a skillet) in the creek using sand and water.  I’ve seen fat back as well as biscuits fried in the pan.

The prime material for many years was the iron variety, bulky, heavy and requiring a seasoning process to make it function to perfection. There are some pans, like my griddle, which is made from an aluminum product that disperses heat evenly across the surface.  The modern era came with an aluminum composite, that didn’t necessarily disperse heat, but claimed a new Teflon type compound coating the surface, to eliminated sticking.  The Teflon compound, it was later determined, was hazardous to your health if scratched.  Also apparently the makers of the non-stick pan failed to foresee the addition of modern day dishwashers in the home.  If your not aware, any and every non-stick coated utensil is ruined by the modern dishwasher!  I even believe that any frying pan, coated or not is ruin in a dishwasher!

So is was, my interest was peaked with the arrival of the newest replacement to the cooking utensil, the ceramic coated frying pan.  Some of the new pans are green, or red, or copper.  I watched with glee as eggs, sugar, smores or cheese is heated to oblivion in these pans and they slide out with ease!!!!

Eager to not let this opportunity of ownership of this modern technology of current scientific breakthrough pass me by, I got not ONE but TWO as a gift. (Ok, so I talked my daughter into getting me these as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.)  So, I kept one at home and took one to our summer place.  The home bound one didn’t perform quite as I had hoped.  But, I again chalked it up to the modern dishwasher affect.  Our summer place is very small, and we don’t have room for a dishwasher, so our pots and pans rough it up there.  Hand washing of utensils is the norm….  I pulled out the green pan the other day, (I’ve relegated it to the bottom of the stack) and threw a couple of eggs in it. Luckily, I was making egg and cheese egg-muffins.  I began the frying process, but the spatula wouldn’t slide under the eggs.  My wife says, “Did you spray it first?”  Wait, why should I spy it?  Haven’t you seen the commercials?  If I needed to spray it, I’ve stuck with the other useless pan that everyone uses.

Ok, Ok, the eggs came out in chunks, some of the “layers” were paper thin, much were in pieces.  But they still tasted good.

I was watching television the other day, and this infomercial came  on, the guy had two sunny side up eggs in the copper frying pan, sliding them around and flopping they on the plate!  This time I noticed that the yoke NEVER moved, NEVER jiggled, they must have been like rubberized eggs!

I think I know what I did wrong, from now on, at our summer place, I need to take the pan down to the lake and wash  it out by rubbing it with sand.  Yee!! Haa!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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