The Music that Moves my Soul

Post # 348

I may have stated before that in my high school days I began a love of folk style music.  ( I only begin the story this way because my children say, yeah dad only a hundred times!) No, I wasn’t a Bobby Darin, Elvis, nor British Invasion follower.  Give me the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary, etc. As I grew older, I segued into country music.  Five decades later I still listen to country music, some.  But country music isn’t the same.  Once the baby boomers took over Nashville they created and mandated a new sound, called the Nashville Sound of country music.  The beat and major cords usage moved into the 60’s rock sound. Jazz and Hip Hop are off my selection list, but almost everything else is OK for my ears.

I can image my parents concern as music sounds moved from their generation into mine. I can remember my father saying that when you listened to their music you could understand the words people were singing.  What’s  not to understand?  I thought it was so easy and clear.

As my children grew I exposed them to lots of my music but they began listening to “their” music, I wondered why they didn’t like my music of “substance”, rather than the junk they listened to?

Religious music has made the same turns in my hits list.  Old time gospel music is a favorite of mine (must be the country influence), and “the standard” hymns tend to make me bellow loudly.  I am only so-so on contemporary music (one verse continuously sung ten times leaves me standing with my arms crossed)  the contemporary sound of the 2000’s were good, the contemporary sound post 2010; yuck, and Christian Rock, I’ll enter the sanctuary after it’s concluded-thank you.

It wasn’t long ago that I learned that there were college classes that studied and compiled the history of a era by analyzing its’ music.  With the Vice President  Gore’s creation of the internet, I’ve been able to research and stream various music era’s.  I’ve found a new appreciation for the Big Band Era of my parents day. You know how you read a novel and sort of become absorbed into the story?   Well I try to do the same with the music, attempting to realize the time in which they were living, wars, aggression, the turmoil, and personal decisions to be made.  I let the music attempt to move my soul.

I wish, as my parents must have, that my children would recognize how good the music was of my era.  How, the message of civil strife, war and corruption, was important.  I hope that someday they would realize how it moved the soul.

We’ve spent a week together at the lake, with the majority of my children and grandchildren.  As much as we raised them to be exactly like us, how different they have become as adults.  They have become their own individuals.  They have become adults making their own stand.  I guess when we get right down to it, it’s not just music that moves the soul, it’s seeing the outcome of your own independence reflected in your children.

I wonder, if all through this life experience they remember and pass on the idea of Never Forget,  (Blog #338)  which is really what moves the soul. (OK, so I really wasn’t talking about music.)


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