I Like Ike!

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In my early youth, our primary drug store carried the Rexall Brand of supplies.  My parents purchased a First Aide Kit in a tin box  with that lable.  The contents have long disappeared but the box became my hide-a-way for those special keepsakes of my youth.

I uncovered (or is that discovered) the Rexall tin the other day, but a lot of the keepsakes I had expected to find seem to have, like the medical supplies, disappeared.  There in the corner however, was this nickle size campaign button that merely said, “I Like Ike”.  I don’t remember much about “Ike” as President,  after all, his last year in office, 1959, I was twelve.  I do remember that in his last years there was discussion about the appearance of the next flag, pending the inclusion of two additional states.

I recall the presidential election of 1960 and the first ever televised debates.  I tried to pay attention, but it was just too boring, other than watching Mr. Nixon sweat on TV. There was that the fearful claim that if a Catholic became president the Pope would rule the country ( the country was WASP’s)!  It was the election of 1968 that found me registering middle aged people to vote who had never voted before.  I was amazed that they had never exercised their right to vote!  I said I’d never not vote, it was too important.  At this time the movement began that “You could be drafted and die for your country but you weren’t allowed to vote or buy beer until you were 21”.

Many Presidential Elections have come and gone.  I began my voting life by selecting the best person for the job. I later evolved, it was no longer the “best selection” for the job but rather voting against some one is how I made my selection.

I truly can’t understand HOW we came to our two current presidential choices?  I must accept that somewhere our society has gotten misdirected about its standards, morals and acceptable behaviors. Let me explain.  It was currently announced that A-Rod, one the best athletes in baseball today is retiring under the cloud of doping and may never reach the hall of fame, but Minnesota will be honoring Prince at its State Fair even though he died of a drug overdose.   The Olympics are in full swing an we allow the Russians to compete and receive medals even after doping has been proven for years!  We terminate employment and prosecute the people who take advantage of their position for sexual favors and yet accept the same actions of a former president to the extent of almost worshiping the ground he walks on.  We even turn our heads when it’s determined his family’s trust receives hundreds of millions of the dollars from foreign countries. How can they claim they are for the little guy.

I can remember in my early 20’s listening to my wife’s grandparents talk about the candidates, and I wondered why they were even voting.  They were SO out of it, so removed from the understanding of the day.  Today, I find myself in my 69th year and faced with a voting quandary.  I can’t seem to make a selection of who would be the “best President”. I can’t even determine the criteria of who to vote against.   In my mind neither one seems to have any morals, nor integrity.   It seems to me that they are both equally bad.  (Is there a way to cast TWO NEGATIVE votes?) The Socialist’s want Hilary, the antagonist’s want Donald.

Maybe I’ve become my wife’s grandparents.  Maybe I’m out of it.  For without a doubt, this countries current level of standards, morals, integrity and acceptable behaviors DO NOT align with mine.

It appears that I will be entering a NEW PHASE of Presidential voting in my life, this will be the year I skip casting a vote.  Wonder if I should begin wearing my “I Like Ike” button?


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One Response to I Like Ike!

  1. tom swartz says:

    Generally I agree 100%. I think there is an 85% chance Trump will destroy the country. Hilary will 100% destroy the country. The 200 people that she will appoint to various offices think just like her. Fortunately, there are only about 3 people that Trump could appoint out of 200 that actually think like him! The 197 would do a reasonably good job. That certainly applies to Supreme Court justices as well.

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