Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

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In the “early” days I sat in my basement office diligently working on my Apple II computer.  I would put in the 5 1/2″ floppy and entire program was loaded, spreadsheets, word documents, data bases etc., so easy.  There were the occasional games. One of my favorites was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  With a few clues you needed to determine the city and country that Carmen was hiding in.

As I’ve stated one of my hobbies is amateur radio.  This hobby has greatly aided by interest in maps, (which I inherited from my grandfather).  Once I make contact with someone from another country, city or state, I enjoy finding their approximate location on a map.  Where in the world is that other radio operator.

I guess over the years I’ve developed a bias concerning news agencies.  What is important to me is learning about an event, the news, the facts.  I vaguely remember Edward R. Murrow.  What I recall from my youthful days about him was what I believed to be his ability to dig into the story without hinting a bias. It seems that today’s newscasters lend a hint of bias in their reporting. What I see is United States newscasters leveraging their attitudes and  opinions in the reporting of world wide human atrocities. I understand that greed overwhelms compassion and fairness in the world’s control for power, but why is it necessary for the United States to be the purveyor of world wide justice? Recently, CBS Morning held up a New York newspaper flashing the headlines concerning Gary Johnson’s (Libertarian Presidential Candidate) lack if knowledge of Aleppo, ridiculing is lack of knowing what it is.

What in the world is Aleppo?  It seems that after months of fighting over who is bombing what in Syria, Aleppo is today’s focal point of the Syrian “civil” war.  Another war where we want to bring civil rights and humanitarianism to the populous.  I can’t understand how a country that can’t solve its own murder rate, can justify destroying someone else’s home and family!

The national news media needs to understand, this; many American families DON’T watch you.  Your coverage is SO gruesome that we don’t want our children exposed to your coverage!  You have said in the past that YOU REFUSED to re-play the burning, crumbling towers of 9/11 for fear of frightening children and yet you show over and over the destruction around the world.  And then you tend to riducule someone for NOT knowing Aleppo.  We DON’T know what Aleppo is!

I’m sorry for the displaced people of Syria, but I don’t know anymore about Aleppo specifically than they know about the destructive tornado of Homer, Illinois or the murder rate in Chicago.

Where in the World is Carmen?



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