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I’ve played in the world of computers since their early arrival.  Well, sort of, played; ok my early years were with the Apple II and Apple IIGS, many people deemed those to NOT be real computers.  Later I moved to the IBM compatible world, I had to, Apple was falling by the wayside.

I’m really not a computer guru, but I’ve been able to work myself around the hardware and software, fixing (or at least NOT damaging) most things I touch.  I lend a modicum of computer support to my mother and wife.  And I require a modicum of support from both my son and daughter who came through Purdue’s school of (Computer) Technology.  I came home this summer to my sleeping tower (desk model-yes I know that there are not many of those around today) and turned it on.  It began doing funny things, strange, it was merely three years old and was built by friend’s son, who incidentally is now off to college, and can not lend current support.

So, I’m sitting here looking at the proverbial BLUE SCREEN!!  My command choices are restart (to try and fix the problem) or ADVANCED.  The word ADVANCE scares the living bejeebies out of me.  I not “advanced” on anything.  I’m a hunt-and-peck fixer upper.  My concern was if I proceed to ADVANCED, it WIPES out everything but document files and restores the basic operating system.  You see, with the blue screen I can’t even get to the command to resort to the latest backup date!!!   I guess I’m relegated for a visit to the GEEK SQUAD.  I’ve never needed to visit an “official” GEEK agent before. So, I’m a little concerned, they might ask me questions for which my only knowledge would be expressed in Griggsology, i.e. those words I have made up to fit my own world.

It wasn’t long before I clearly understood Geek-OLOGY , which  begins with $$$$$$$

  1.  Question 1; would like the one time $149 help or the $199 version which lasts for a year AND includes the Webroot virus protection?—-ok, the $199.
  2. Question 2;-(free one) would like for us to save any of your files and transfer them over if needed?  —Well Yeah!!
  3. Question 3; The problem resolution may require a new hard drive, would you like one if needed?
  4. Next day–phone call–you need a new hard drive $139 plus tax.  All charges etc were handled over the phone.  (Yea)
  5. Following day’s phone call—the computer is ready for pick up
  6. Next day’s pick up, there is an $80 charge for the (not so free) data transfer you requested (in step 2)
  7. Following day’s email–How’d you like our sales staff, store, lighting, windows etc.?

Cool, they want to know what my experience was like, while I’m sitting here reinstalling 6 apps, trying to locate, copy and test my Favorites-which are not part of the Documents folders transferred over, fighting with online links tying to recognize my account from a new computer ID code that says “your NOT who you say you are”!! AND now forcing me to change all my passwords in 15 different accounts to no less than 8 nor more than 23 upper/lower/numeric/symboled characters none of which should be similar to ANY of the last 5 passwords you’ve used in this account, nor like any password you used anywhere else AND DON’T write it down!

On a scale of 1 to 10 pick you recent Geek Experience…………………


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