The Free Market Exchange

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Have you been watching this?  The Free Market Exchange?  Ok it’s really “ObamaCare”.  Some years ago, the Democratic Congress touted the encyclopedic national health care plan.  I’ve talked to a number of people that believe ObamaCare to be the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.

In the days preceding the bills passage, there had been talk of the voluminous number of persons without health coverage that take up space by sitting in hospital emergency rooms for common colds and asthma treatments etc. because they can’t afford a doctor.  I’ve previously talked about someone that came to this country knowingly bringing AIDES and stiffing the hospital for his Aides and TB treatments, bus fares and nurse visits for his cocktail medications.  You and I paid for ALL of these non-insured, non-covered treatments.

And so it was that ObamaCare is/was to even out the medical costs to everyone allowing total citizenry coverage.  Any one of us who had to pay for our own coverage out of our pockets knew that after the mandate of ObamaCare that; 1.  Our insurance premiums would and did increase, not decreased!  2.  Our medical coverage would and did decrease, didn’t stay the same as we were told it would!, 3.  Our deductible, (the out of our own pocket amount) sky rocketed 5 or 10 times higher!, 4. company plans would have to be changed to mirror the ObamCare plans. (How was this suppose to be better???)  (DON’T even think that anyone in Congress or the President has a health plan that looks THIS crappy!!!)

Here it is, a few years later and major insurance carriers are dropping out of ObamaCare like flies!!!!  Yep they’re pulling out of the State’s Free Market Exchanges faster than cockroaches scurrying across the counter top!  The excuse is that they can’t make any money being a provider in ObamaCare.  It’s a lie, with premiums going up and coverage going down, they can’t help but make money, they just can’t make as much!!  What this does is leaves the people of many states/counties with a choice of ONE insurance company.  So much for a Free Market Exchange with your of many insurance providers to choose from.

So here we are, do you see it?  We’re on the verge of a major health shift.  You stand at the door way of change in the 2016 General Election, the years following will determine which way ObamaCare goes.  Understand that regardless what ANY office seeker says, ObamaCare WILL NOT be eliminated, we will not back up but rather go forward.  One of two courses will be chosen, 1.  Those seeing the problem will attempt to affect changes to the system to make the coverage work or 2. The new Congress will step in and mandate National Health Care similar to what is used in Canada, England and New Zealand.  Be alert, the loss of a Free Market Medical System will lower our medical standards, not our costs.  Look around you, attention to your medical situation will be as slow as what VA provides to veterans, who after months of waiting, die before appointments may be scheduled.

Have you heard of the Canadian Health Care?  Canadians wintering in Florida are NOT authorized to receive medical treatment in the U.S.  Tests, X-rays and Scans preformed here are thrown out in favor of retesting in Canada.  Rather than allow a Canadian to have an operation in the U.S. they have been provided with a private plane to return to Canada for operations.  Scheduling of operations are usually eight to ten months into the future.

Nationalized health care IS NOT for the sick!!!!  If you remember pre-ObamaCare, you had to fight with your insurance carrier for coverage.  (We believed then that thhey preferred to see us dead rather than pay on claim.)  What happens with National Health Care is a shift where the Government replaces the insurance carrier:  The Government would prefer to see you dead rather than pay our claim……


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