Our Legacy

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 I do a little research for our family tree, now and then.  I began, as I’ve said before, with the information my parents had previously gathered.  I picked it up and ran with the information they had found, AND being slightly Type A, OC-D, I picked up my wife’s family tree and ran with that.  I don’t like to focus on just a (the) paternal line, but also the maternal and intersecting family lines. As a result, I believe I’ve tracked about 800 of my wife’s members and around 1400 of my family members.

As I sit and look at my pages of research, considering the growth of the families, and movement across the country, I’ve just got to wonder what were their living conditions?  What pressures and discouragements entered into their thoughts before buying, and selling farms, homes and cattle before moving.  What were there thoughts during the days and nights during the Revolution or the Civil War. What were their hopes and dreams for the future.  What did they expect to leave as a legacy for Me, years after they were gone?

We appear to be at the beginning of the implosion of the two party system.  Certainly it began before the recent events of this national election.  Truly it began in the early platform of the ” Tea Party” faction of the Republican Party.  Those persons that considered their position unbending, unrelenting and right minded have derailed reasoning and compromise.

Through the years this country has moved from the “Republic for which we stand”, to a democracy, and pointing toward a socialistic state.  You may not have seeing it coming, but socialism has been almost a hundred years in the making. We are a party of people that believes that the have’s owe the have not’s. How many times have you heard the rich should be giving more to the government, so the poor can get more?  For how many years has the government been expanding the give-a-way programs to those that aren’t satisfied with any sort of work and believe that they deserve being paid to sit at home.  Hey when you talk about the average income, that means that big and small wages make up the average. We are nearing the point where nearly half of this population is supported by the other half.  

Or sure, talk about Social Security as being too much of a burden on Government, but don’t forget we believe that Welfare, Medicaid, education and health care for illegal aliens if just and fair.  Don’t forget to add in education, entertainment, health care (including first chance for organ replacement) for the incarcerated.  If that isn’t enough lets think about all of those poor people that can’t protect themselves, so we build military bases and provide staffing and weaponry.  And include to that mix all of the foreign countries that wouldn’t be our friend unless we gave them hundreds of millions of dollars annually, just like we did to North Korea with the stipulation to NOT research nuclear weapons!

Yes the two party system is about to implode, our toes are on the of national socialism.  I fear the legacy we are leaving for my grandchildren and further.  I wonder what sort of life they will have.

I worry for them.



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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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