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I rushed outside yesterday with my camera and took a close up picture of some tree leaves. In my old age my subjects for picture taking has changed.  I know that after I’m gone no one will care about a tree leaf, just like the 15 pictures I took a couple of years ago of humming birds on our feeder. I can look back upon them and think about their beauty.  Oh, sure in my younger days, it was people and scenery, or scenery and signs while on a trip or a particular building face, The Sanitary Cafe, Rossville.  I think about some of my father’s pictures in his later years, humming birds on the feeder, etc.

I thought the picture I took yesterday was important, it was the fall colors of a young ash tree.  This time next year my woods will have been eliminated of ash trees.  The Emerald Ash Bore Beetle is ravaging this area.  I was out marking trees for elimination the other day and approached a 60 foot Ash whose bark was devastated by the Borer.  As I got within spray can distance, thousands of young beetles came flying off the bark right into my face.  Yes I took a picture of the ash tree leaf yesterday to remember the beautiful purplish tint of their fall color, soon never to be seen again.

This Ash Bore Beetle is an invader from China/Eastern Russia, believed to have arrived in ash pallets of cargo ships.  I began to catalog, in my mind, the many invasive species that I’ve recently heard about.   Zebra Mussels, Alewife, Asian Carp, Rusty Cray Fish, Eurasian Mil foil, Killer Bees, Asian lady bugs and another couple of dozen I’ve already forgotten.

I got on the Web (the encyclopedia of all knowledge) and found a site about Invasive Species.  I drilled down to a list of species in North America.  WOW!!!  They list, plants, animals, fish, insects……and more, there must be hundreds, (I didn’t count).  I scanned to the bottom and found a link to “Invasive Earthworms”, I didn’t even go there!

As a teenager in the 1960’s we worried about invasion by the Russians.  We should have had a better handle about the World Economy.  This no tariff, world treaty thing has opened our doors to foreign invaders.  And I must say we are killing our natural habitat.


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One Response to Invasion

  1. Saurab says:

    I just wrote a post on invasive species, and I must say, this is the third post today I’m reading about them!
    Yes, you’re right. Much of this invasion is a direct result of our open economies and zero check on what we are bringing for ornamentation and what not.

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