Pain-Part 1

Post # 358

We were talking about pain(s) the other day.  The discussion has made me stop and reflect.   I used to talk about faith with a man every summer before he moved away.  Actually, he’d talk and I’d ponder. ( I do a lot of pondering, it saves dumb things from bursting from my mouth, certainly some people would say that maybe I should ponder a little more.)  After I’d pondered for a while I’d return to this man and take up the topic again, he accused me of seeking outside (others) input.  I don’t believe I ever convinced him that I was “chewing” on what he said and considering its validity to me.

So, here I am pondering again, pondering this topic called pain.  I’ve been remembering, in my youth, when my parent’s friends or my grandparents would share stories of their aches and pains. I can visualize those days and see myself sitting there smiling, nodding my head in pretend understanding, when I didn’t really understand at all how pains could be a topic of discussion.  We had better topics like; our kids school work, the schools teachers, kids in sports, kids in artsy groups, family holidays, family vacations, kids bedroom remodeling, kids doctor appointments, and of course orthodontist surprises.

Well, today, our children are 41, 39, and 36, none live next door or even in the same town.  Our topics of discussion, at least for my wife and I, no longer include the daily activities of our children, nor even the grandchildren.   Our discussions, over coffee in the front room begin with; how’d you sleep last night?; my arm fell asleep last night;  I strained my back muscle 3 days ago and it still hurts;  I don’t understand why I don’t get over this like I used to?; is it going to rain, my knuckles hurt all night.  I got on the floor yesterday to fix a leak under the sink and couldn’t get back up easily, my hand, arms and knees were just weaker.

I’ve become the people I listened to 50 years ago!



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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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