Going to the Zoo

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Went to the Zoo the other day.  The Zoo in Atlanta, Ga.  We’ve been visiting Atlanta a couple of times a year for the last few years.  There’s always lot’s of things to see and do there. I really enjoyed revisiting past memories at the Coke Cola museum.  And there’s the Aquarium, puppet shows, museums, and parks galore.  I guess it must be obvious that there are grandchildren there, in Atlanta.

But this time our visit included the Atlanta Zoo, which is inside a city park.  I was surprised at the number and types of animals that were there AND with the design of the Zoo.  Ok, so it was pre-Holloween, and it was costume day, so there were all kinds of costumed visitors.  But, there was also costumed workers.  We were greeted by Storm Troopers at the entrance. Star Wars costumes seemed to be the primary choice of young AND old that day.

But as we entered the Zoo, it was nearly like stepping into Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  There were the usual, elephants, zebras, monkeys and snakes, but also colorful birds, lions and pandas.  All the winding paths’ landscapes were filled with bamboo.  Yes, bamboo grows easily in the Atlanta area.  Seems strange to me that both bamboo and pine trees are healthy there, but what to do I know? We were given a color map of the pathway and animal displays to see.

I was having a flash back at the zoo.  I was a little reluctant to walk inside.  I was remembering a time at least 65 years earlier.  I was in another zoo.  I believe it was the Chicago Zoo.  I had a color map in my hand and I was there with a group of people.  I no longer remember who or what the group was other than I didn’t really know anyone in the group.  Ok, I’m always one that goes his own way.  Walk into an antique store, the wife goes write I turn left.  Someone’s moving to slow I’ll forge ahead. Someone’s moving too fast, I slow down and go look and something else.   We spend the summer with friends, me and our friends wife are Type A, both of our spouses are Type B people.  We get out of the car our spouses hang back and marvel at the two Type A’s are traveling like bullets for the doorway for whatever building we’re entering.  Which brings me back to the Chicago Zoo.  For whatever reason, most probably my own fault, I became separated from the my group.  A level of panic sent in, I was lost.  It was only momentary, but I remember holding the color map trying to find anyone from my group who had only moved 20 feet in a land of thousands of tall people. And then I was found.

For $3, you can feed the giraffes leafy lettuce at the Atlanta Zoo. The line included my grandchildren.  What a joy to watch what seemed to a be three foot giraffe tongue reach out and take the lettuce from my grandchild’s hand.  Maybe Zoo’s are OK.



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