Go Cubs Go

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On the day after day we determined our 45th President, I thought it better to share something on a lighter note.

Well the Cubs finally did it….they broke the curse of the old goat!  I’m not a baseball fan.  I don’t dislike baseball, it’s just when I grew up it seemed to always be the Yankees and the Dodgers.  Games were won or lost 1-0.  To me they were slow, boring and great for sleeping to.   Maybe my lack of interest grew from 7th grade, our PE class was required to watch the Yankees in the world series.  We were told to “Shut Up and watch the game, anyone caught talking would run laps around the baseball diamond until the period was over”!  Did I ever mention that my voice seems to be strong and carries across a room, even in a whisper?  I don’t recall which inning it was…………… but it seemed to me that the laps would NEVER END!

It must have been the end of the Cubs win of game 5, that I heard and learned that the fans had adopted the song “Go Cubs Go”, written and sung by a favorite of mine Steve Goodman.  Goodman had sung this song in some of his shows and in 1984 an announcer from WGN (mentioned in the song) asked him to record it. Actually Goodman was a die-hard Cubs fan, and had preceded this song by one in 1981 called the “Dying Cub Fans Last Request”.  A humorous little ditty that I believe came out of his learning that he had developed terminal Leukemia.

Be that as it may, the Cubs run for the World Championship brought other tidbits to light.  One historical note was that the last time the Cubs won the World Series we had only 46 states, New Mexico and Arizona were yet to be admitted!!!!   Boy, this made me sit up  and think.  Just think, my children have always experienced a country of 50 states, while my wife and I saw the inclusion of Hawaii and Alaska.  My thinking continued to my grandparents.  When they were born, we consisted of merely 45 states.  Not only were there NO states called Hawaii, Alaska, New Mexico or Arizona, but there wasn’t an Oklahoma.

I’ve mentioned in the past about our Manifest Destiny drive, otherwise known as the great land grab and prejudice push.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud of our country, even with all its faults, I deem it better than other countries around the world. But there’s just something about pushing people onto reservations that galls me.  Speaking of the number of states we have, if it hadn’t been for the great land grab, our country would look a lot different.  Everything east of the Mississippi would be English/American, the middle, Louisiana Purchase Territory would be French, and everything west of that would have been Spanish/Mexican.  We would look like Europe.

Well, no, I didn’t watch much of the series.   Other than channel surfing, I didn’t watch much of the World Series, you see I’m one that believes if I watch, I bring bad luck to whom ever I’m rooting for.   I watched the CMA’s (Country Music Awards), first;  I Don’t know many of today’s artists, second; half the time I don’t understand what they’re singing, so you see, there is no disappointment there.  And, I can’t stand disappointment!

Even not being a baseball fan, I couldn’t have been more happy though for both teams, after such a long absence, playing for the championship.

Go Cubs Go; Thank you Steve………………


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