The Buffoon

Post #362

The staff at the Chicago Tribune were diligently preparing the late night stories.  It was the night of the election.  Votes were coming in, slowly.  Our candidate had been the front runner for some time.

The “Other Candidate” was a Buffoon.  He was brash.  He used harsh and vulgar language and he told dirty jokes. He was a business owner. We saw him as a war monger.

We went to bed in anticipation of tomorrows party, the champagne was going to flow.  The Tribune seeing the direction, went to press and printed the bold headlines that says “Dewey Defeats Truman”.  It was 1948 and Harry S. Truman came out of now where to garner 303 electoral votes to secure his first term as President. Yes he had served out Roosevelt’s remaining term upon the Presidents death in April 1945.  But this was his term.

There was another buffoon, called nothing more than a monkey during the campaign.  Slow of speech and his dress and decorum seemed infantile, immature and low by educational standards. He secured the position of President with merely 38% of the popular vote.  He wasn’t our candidate either.  His name was Lincoln. The country was so divided at his election that we had a civil war!  A lot of the country wanted to maintain, oppression, brutality and ignorance upon the African population.

I have voted in 11 Presidential elections and let me just confess that my selection wasn’t always the winner.  I usually grunted, that all those people that voted for the wrong person were going to be sorry.  Definitely, I WAS sorry.  But the thing that gave me the most pride was that UNLIKE most other countries we can freely accept that leadership changes, and our leaders freely give up their position for the next person. Is this a great country or what?

But this year is different.  The expectation of the first woman president was overwhelming. She had beaten out her socialist rival to run against the brash, the bigoted, foul mouth bully.  What we all know now is that many people weren’t satisfied that the last eight years had given them anything.  The people were dissatisfied with the current political bickering. No the Hispanics, Africans. the professional women and many others didn’t vote for the “Other” candidate, the buffoon.  But someone voted, certain demographics, in key areas gave the office of President to the “Other” candidate. The concern rippling through the media in the weeks before the election was what would those bible thumping, gun toting, vulgarity slurring deplorables do is Trump was not elected.

I’m shocked.  It’s “the deplorables” it’s the other side that has lost sight of democracy.  It is the members of the other side that are rioting in the streets.  In the streets of LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and other cities, the other side is showing that democracy only works if they get their way.  Their’s is only the e correct course.  Only their’s is the correct candidate for President.

Democracy, it’s been a great experiment.  The Republican party, just a few days ago was on the verge of extinction, now it seems to be the Democrats.  No the Republicans have been reshaped, and the Democrats, they will rebuild.  But, Democracy, faced with the challenge of riots, touting “He’s Not My President”, will be tested for its continued existence.

Boy, if your grandparents could only see you now, what would they think?


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Well said

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