Automate This and Automate That

Post #363

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it seemed like a break was needed…  🙂

It was at the 1963 New York Worlds Fair that I experienced my first introduction to the Radar Range.  It was the precursor to our Microwaves of today. I remember I asked (probably begged is a better word) for the spaghetti meal, after walking the grounds all day, I wanted something more than just a snack!  Ok, so there’s a story in the Radar Range, but my real thought is about the “Auto-Mat” concept.  The Auto-Mat was introduced first in Germany in 1896 and brought to New York in 1912.  The Auto-Mat was a room in which one wall had a series of glass doors, behind which was a choice of food items. In was the early vending machine, place your coins in the slot, lift the door and take your food item.

I’ve said that in my past life (that is my employed work life) I tended to fly here and there.  With the establishment of security measures, I lost my desire to fly ANYWHERE.  It used to be visitors could await your arrival or departure at the gate with you, but alas, no more. I even avoided flying to New York one time for a work related funeral, because I no longer liked to fly.   Our last flight was from Anchorage to Seattle.  A couple of new elements greeted us in Anchorage; First was the Kiosk check in, second was the TSA explosive materials check of my hands.  I’m not unfamiliar with computers and technology, but I have an aversion to learning some new device with 900 people standing behind me waiting their turn to check into their flight. I was looking a news story of the number of people flying somewhere, anywhere this past holiday and there in plain view were a dozen or so automated check in terminals.  Boy, I miss my crabby check in attendant!

News alert!  It’s been leaked that McDonald’s is will be installing ordering terminals in their restaurants.  Now I get to screw up my own order!  Hey, they’ve already installed digital menu screens that show all the ingredients and calories but NO price.  With ordering terminals, they’ll get to remove the large digital screens.   I already envision, my standing there, trying to determine my order, with 900 people standing behind me waiting there turn, grumbling about old people and machines.

There was an early Star Trek show that had a scientist that created artificial intelligent beings.  A later Star Trek introduced Mr. Data.   Automate this and Automate that;  I’m going to predict that the day is near when automated life, and artificial intelligence will take us over.

Guess I’ll be visiting Burger King more often.


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