The Test

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I don’t recall if I have ever talked about THE TEST.  As I worked for a Midwest state government agency, it was required by law, prior to employment, that we pass a competitive examination that tested our aptitude for the position.  It was an accounting type examination.

Wow, it just dawned on me, I was employed 33 years with that agency, and the last half was as a Division Director type person.  At one point in time I was responsible for 325 employees. However, I didn’t lean toward micromanaging.  I believed it was my responsibility to give the employees the tools need to for them to perform their jobs and then stand back.  Also in my capacity, I deemed it important to upgrade the employment test to more relevant topics. Two things about the test stand out in my memory.

First:  There was another Division Director in our agency that wished for me to hire his uncle, who had zero accounting background.  He was tested and came out with a relatively high passing grade.  I reviewed the results and yet refused to hire him.  The other Director flexed his political muscle and pressed our Commissioner (our boss) to require me to proceed with the hiring.  I met with the Commissioner and explained that I had designed the test and the Multiple Choice Question #33, did not have correct answer.  Three choices were close but one, that I had pre-selected as the correct answer for the answer sheet could never have been computed.  If fact in 5 years, this uncle was the only person that had EVER chosen that answer.  It was later determined that a clerk in our personnel department had been persuaded to provide the test answers ahead of time.

Second:  There are just times you think you are doing the right thing and it just turns and bites you!  There was one young man that had taken our test four times. Each time the results were nearly the sames just four or five points from passing.   He was a five year employee in a sister division.  After the fifth test, which he again missed passing by four points, I threw up my hands and said, lets hire him.  Don’t tell him h any more than he just made it this time!  Well it wasn’t long before it was determined that he could not handle the job.  He got himself into trouble and lost his car.  He needed transpiration for the job.  We gave assignments that required bus travel only.  He became argumentative and claimed we were out to fire him.   This hiring bit me hard.  Sometimes doing someone a favor isn’t always good.  After I retired I believe this individual went through some hardships and left agency.

It seems that life itself is test.  If we just keep on course, we will reap the blessings.


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  1. tom swartz says:

    Sad but true.

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