Tis the Season

Post #365

“Tis the Season” said the jolly man in the red suit ringing the bell standing beside the red kettle.

I was working on a felled tree the other day, chain saw in hand, when the neighbor wife stopped by looking for her husband.  We had been working together on a this large tree.  We were preparing it for lumber and firewood for him.  Their young son, about age 5, excitedly explained they were going home to decorate their Christmas Tree.  In an hour they were back, Christmas tree job finished.  Seems they have a “tree in a bag”, the likes of which I’ve never seen.  Guess you pull it out of bag and its ready go.  Tis the Season!

I never liked the tedious job of tree decorating. My job has always been; bring it in, put it up and take it down.  I do enjoy,though, hearing my wife sing or hum with the Christmas music while she decorates the house.

We have some friends that we meet in Indianapolis for dinner and a Christmas show each year.  It’s a man that I had worked with before our retirements. This year we are attending a Getty Christmas performance at Butler University.  Butler is about halfway between the both of us. They are AVID Indiana University fans, we are moderately aliened with their ARCH rival, Purdue University.  Since both Indiana and Purdue are land grant colleges, the State Legislature originally chose to not double up on funding college programs.   Indiana University was primarily slated for business and medicine, while Purdue was Engineering and Agriculture.  Indiana also has a world renown music school, while Purdue has no music school.   Purdue has a bunch of volunteers doing extra curricular band and vocal performances.

We just returned from the 83rd annual performance of the Purdue Musical Organizations Christmas show. It was outstanding I wish that all of you could have attended!  Indiana University, with it’s renown musical school, doesn’t have a Christmas program.  Seems they are unable to locate THREE WISE MEN down there!!!!   ( I love telling that one!!!!!)

Yes, it TIS the Season.  It’s a time of year when so many people REMEMBER to have compassion for someone else.  ( other than when driving!!)  I just wish we could remember all year long about this compassion.  It would also be nice if everyone realize exactly where this compassion originated!  Yes, it Tis the Season, so spread it around…..


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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