Lying On The Table

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Almost eleven years ago, I retired myself from active employment.  It’s a decision I’ve never regretted making.  Yes, I enjoyed my work, but mostly I enjoyed the people with whom I worked.  I’ve don’t stayed in touch with these friends as well as I should.  It’s only after someone of them has had a medical problem that I reconnect.  Many times I’ve learned later, that a major medical event has occurred.

So far I’ve been extremely fortunate not to have experienced a major medical problem.  I do the annual visits to the doctors, just to make sure nothing more has fallen out of place.  I may have previously mentioned that I began experiencing the “Trigger Finger Effect” about a year ago. As you close then open your hand one finger catches. A joke, seemly, initially, until the time it becomes painful when it catches.  Finally, one decide it’s important enough to see a specialist, who injects it.  If not resolved, a second injection 30 days later.   Another month goes by, and the decision is, operation or fishing.  Well easy choice, fishing, then Thanksgiving holiday, then Christmas Holiday. So, here I am 10 months after the last injection and the Trigger takes two hands to free it.  Must be time to operate.

Like I said, friends have certainly had more serious operations than I.  This was a lie on the table, with local anesthetic, wide awake operation.  There I lie, covered.  The keep me busy talking nurse is hovering all around me, asking me ambiguous questions, just to keep my mind off the prep work.  My fingers and hand injected, going numb to the world, I glance over to see all of the staff wearing face masks.  Soon the keep him busy talking nurse, grabs my hand and arm and begins wiping warm red fluid off my arm.  It’s running all the way down to my elbow.   It’s running as fast as she can wipe it up!.  I’m afraid to look!  Did I tell you how high my blood pressure was BEFORE this procedure! Can you imagine where went when I thought a vain was punctured and blood is running out faster than they can wipe it up.

My voice, in the calmest tone I can muster..”everything alright over there???”  “Oh yes, ” says the nurse, “just washing up the area with an iodine wash”  The vision of my life’s blood slipping away vanished!

One cut, two stitches, ten minutes, I’m no longer lying on that table!  Like I said, so far I’ve been fortunate. No major health issues.   Who thought their lifes blood was slipping away!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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