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I often speak my mind about products, quality or service.  I have previously explained my position about the poor product quality of Peerless Pinnacle Boilers, Nabisco relocating to Mexico, and various food companies downsizing their products while increasing the prices-any food item you buy today fits that.  (Check it out for yourself.  Pick out a recipe in any cook book, ingredients of 8, 12 or 16 oz. Then go buy a package of that item in any quantity divisible for recipe, HA you can’t do it!!)

But there is one company I have failed to warn you about.  Pep Boys Auto Parts Stores, especially the one in Lafayette, Indiana.  It took a while for this old brain to kick in and catch the order of things that happened, but I have it all together, now.  And it comes back to mind based upon certain current events.

I owned a 1999 Durango at one time. A car that I came to loath.  Seemingly the worst of the worst.  The Durango never saw a Chrysler/Dodge service shop that it could pass up and each stop was another $500+. But, I digress, this isn’t about the Durango.  So, let me cool down from the Durango story and move to Pep Boys.

We had recently moved back into the Lafayette area after having been gone for 30 years. The move required a daily 120 mile round trip for work. And with those miles, oil changes and tires were a never ending cycle of life. We each had a vehicle; a pick up, the Durango and I purchased an older Buick Le Sabre, just for the drive.  I know three cars is a lot for two people but they were older and it helped the maintenance and repair rotation.

It was time for a new set of tires for the Durango.  The Durango needed a better than average tread design, since we lived in the back country and yet longevity for interstate driving.  I found a reasonably priced set at the local Pep Boys store.  The deal was made and I was in the waiting area.  The salesman came out and said I needed an oil change too. I told him no thanks I have a person that changes the oil, and that’s my next stop (although I hadn’t yet schedule the oil change). He explained they’ve already pull the filter.  I don’t care, I said, I didn’t order and oil change and I’m not paying for one, put it back together. They did, and I  got my car after the tires were installed and went home.

The Durango wasn’t in the drive to work rotation for a week and I hadn’t yet needed to have the oil changed.  So, the Monday we took it to work at 6:20 am, we had’t gotten 20 miles before the engine oil light and heat lights came on. Luckily, that occurred just before the last exit, before leaving town.  I pulled into a gas station-convenience store and purchase three quarts of oil and poured them in and the lights went out.  My mind raced to the list of problems I’d already experienced with this car and so I just added one more thing to it.

It wasn’t until sometime later that I began dwelling on the circumstances.  The Durango began burning oil terribly and was soon traded.  I was reminded of the oil change I had stopped, yeah, they put the filter back on, but left the engine dry.

Pep Boys, Lafayette, Indiana. I wouldn’t trust them with a light bulb.  Just one more company on my list.  Hey, maybe I should make a poster and march around outside the store.  That seems to be the rage today, protesting that is.


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