The Road I’m On

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A long time ago I blogged about my GPS and how much I enjoyed it, and still do. I bought a new Garmin about a year ago and boy is it slick.  We purchased a new car about a month ago and it’s been retraining us how to drive!  This new car has a GPS and came with a Five (5) Year Mapping Service Plan.  I’ve never like an “in car” GPS’s systems, they are not conveniently located.   You always need to glance away from your driving to watch the map, where as the Garmin sits up on the dashboard in the line of sight.  But, I proceeded anyway to program the new car GPS just for the heck of it. Now, I should explain this new car has a completely digital instrument panel.  We needed to do a regular visit about and hour away, so we let the GPS direct our path. Whoa!  As we approached our first turn the GPS talked to us (nothing new) but, also the speedometer display changed to the map, with exit identification, and turn arrows! Way Cool!!

We were studying a little about Paul’s journey’s the other day.  And the thoughts came into my head about his going through Macedonia, his going to Phillppi, then Thessalonia, Berea and on Athens. We really don’t understand stand what it’s like to be “run” out of town, chased and beaten for what we think and say.   We, in our daily lives, like to play it safe.  Most anything that looks confrontational we will avoid.  At lease when it comes to expressing our religious convictions, we avoid confrontation.  We’re brave enough to express political convictions, because we’re right!!  But bring up religious convictions, positions and we become as quite as a church mouse.

I picked up a book the other day by Johnathan Cahn, he’s the author of The Harbinger, an excellent get your head-thinking book. Yeah there’s critics, but plow through it, its really interesting.  Anyway, this recent book is called The Mysteries of the Bible, really good, explains in daily studies, many Hebrew words which help enumerate passages in our bibles today.  The book of Mysteries has this one discussion about explaining the road you’re on, the rocky, hilly, sandy, gravel, bumpy, etc. road.  He continued; that in Jesus’s time, roads were more properly identified with their destination, the Jericho Road, the Emmaus Road, etc.  That got me to thinking, around here we’ve got the Michigan Road, the Rockville Road, Lafayette Road, etc.

This all takes me back to Paul.  Those were short little trips he was on,  the road to Phillippi, the road to Thessalonia, etc., which are a lot like my short little GPS trips, where someone or something tells me to turn here or there, never caring whether the road it smooth or rough.

I guess what I’m saying is, we ONLY focus on the now, pick out the smoothest, fastest road, avoid the traffic, avoid the tension, avoid the ridicule. Those of us that only focus on the here and now will miss out on the final destination.  I guess, I need to remind myself to constantly remember to keep that final destination in mind as I get up and every day and get going!


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One Response to The Road I’m On

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    Oh yeah, another example of the world of complancy as we now know it. Remember when we use to have a co pilot who would read the map for you? As always Terry, I enjoy your postings. Keep them coming!

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