Beer for My Horses

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We were driving somewhere the other day listening to the free Sirius Radio that came with the car, when Sandy Nelson “Let there Be Drums” came on…..boy that brought back memories.  Sure there are a lot of “good” drummers, but Sandy Nelson and Gene Krupa, come to mind as the best, they were more than drummers, they were performers, showmen. Which began my thinking about favorites songs.  There is this one about Butter Fly Kisses, that makes me tear every time I hear it, reminds me of my little girl grown up as a women.  Proud of her I am, miss the little girl, I do.

I thought about the Twist, as a favorite song of mine, then it dawned on me that it was the first song, that I could actually dance to, on my first date, without feeling like a klutz. Needless to emphasize that Gene Kelly, I am not; nor will I ever be invited to Dancing With The Common People Show, if one ever begins.

The problem with identifying a favorite song is that I have so many musical interests; blues, symphonic, country, blue grass, oldies (which to me means 50’s and 60’s), folk to name a few.

Give me John Denver, (who never was country, until Nashville was taken over by non-country artists), Copland, Mozart, Beach boys, Toby Keith, Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary to name just a few of the hundreds I like.  Oh yeah, how about the big band sounds of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, etc.

I watched a news special a few weeks ago, about the ONE WAR we have lost. The ONE WAR we can’t seem to win. The war on DRUGS.  I can remember the JUST SAY NO program strted by Nancy Reagan.  We’ve given hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign governments to stop the production, manufacture and transportation of drugs to the cash rich Americans, all to no avail.   All of a sudden my backwoods, middle of the country, farming community little state seems infested with needles and drugs.  It’s been determined that ONE QUARTER (25%) of all babies born in Indiana are addicted to drugs!  Can you imagine that, 25% addicted!  What will their future drug desire turn out to be?  The DRUG WAR is being won by the pushers and dealers.  People who are looking for the short cut, the quick dollar, who are making our cities and country a waste land.  I watched the moving Escape from New York with Kurt Russell the other night. I can identify that our big cities are becoming just like New York in the movie, controlled by drug gangs and pimps, not safe to visit.

All of this brings me back to a pet peeve of mine,  this country has gone too soft.  Sure I have compassion, (well some) but it’s becoming selective.  I can’t stand with the people who think that a violent criminal deserves for me to pay for his room and board, clothing, entertainment, education, medical needs including transplants for the rest of their lives. Which brings me to another favorite song of mine Willie Nelson and Toby Keith’s “Beer for My Horses”.   There’s a line in the song “…take all the rope in Texas…hang’em high, …..for all the people to see..”

Yes, I believe ALL the dealers and pushers should face a QUICK capital punishment sentence, none of this dragging appeals out for decades.  And, no, we don’t need to find a humane way to end them, their actions aren’t humane to the users and innocent babies affected.  A short rope and long drop would be sufficient.

Oh, and by the way, Gene Krupa that fabulous drummer/performer’s life was ruined because he became addicted to drugs.

Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses……

PS: I know my left of center friends will find this message a “little disconcerting”.


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3 Responses to Beer for My Horses

  1. Josh Griggs says:

    You have left of center friends?

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  2. I agree with your view point 100 percent, I am so over the babies in this world being abused before they even have the chance to see the light of day. So many families destroyed and I for one include alcohol as a drug destroying families.

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