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Did I tell you I’ve been update our genealogy information. Of course I’ve told you about it.  I do this every couple of years. Why? You ask.  Well there is more and more family information being digitized every year.  I could discover new land purchases or family bibles etc.

Both my wife and I have done the DNA testing.  John G came from England in the 1600’s. Then I found the Kelsey’s, and Lord’s that were also English. The Perrott’s were Irish.  The Miller’s were German.  Then I found the Atkins, Sanders ,Elders and Householders no idea where they came from, the line just vanishes or maybe is just appears, out of no where.

Last year it was my wife’s update that I completed, her family was English, German and Irish. Yeah, it seems like forever, but they’re only winter-time projects.  But there’s always a lot of checking and rechecking.  Sometimes names are mis-recorded or misspelled. Sometimes great great Aunts name their children the same as someone in your line.  If you jump out of the documents and into a report from another researcher’s tree, the facts may be mis-leading.

After all this research I finished my work  on the Paternal line and all of the Maternal lines that I could find. Almost everyone came over here from somewhere over there in the middle 1800’s.  Yes, in some cases I was able to determine the name of the ship that they arrived on.

What I also found, that really excited me, was the Citizenship papers of John Perrott.   They listed where and where he arrived and when and where he became a citizen.

Which got me to thinking………all of my ancestors are immigrants.  Well, yeah, unless I’m an American Indian descendant, which I’m not.  Then truly my background is as an immigrant.

…………………………..which makes me pause………………and think some more…………….I only found ONE Citizenship document.  That MUST mean that everyone else were undocumented………

I’d better lay low! I don’t what the immigration police to find out.  I don’t know anyone back in England and I can’t even speak the language!  I couldn’t tell a biscuit from a nappy.


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