The Heel of My Boot

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It was shocking to realize that we have lived in this house, the one we built for retirement, longer than any of our other homes. The runner up was twelve years, this one is already fourteen.  As indicated before, we built in a woods and great enjoy that, even though we are gone all summer, Up North, fishing,   When we built and moved in, we shared half mile drive, or lane with with some farmer neighbors.  They are both gone, but their youngest son has carried on the tradition and is raising a young family on the same homestead.

A great advantage to us, is that they pass our house many times a day for the trips here and there.  So, in the summer, I just have them watch the house, have security access etc. and keep us informed.   OK, there was this ONE time last year, when our alarms went off and he was taking care of it, when the County Sheriff and State Police pulled in the drive.  He was almost carted off.  He also does a few other things, like brings his big weed sprayer in here and attacks the weeds in the drive and parking area, never asking for any payment.

So, what could I say when he wanted to know if I would be home this week.  Sure!  He and the family were flying to Disney World for a week, and someone was needed to watch the  place.  I would be happy to, says I.  Oh, yeah, and they’ll leave the dog in the garage. They keep the food and water close by and he has a doggy door to the a fenced in, outside world. “Not a Problem!”  Oh and the dog food is right next to the ground corn.  Just take a 5 gallon bucket every evening out to the cows and spread it in the trough. He’ll leave the watering hose by the tank, they need water every two days.  Here’s the key for the tractor, put one of those round bales of hay in on Saturday and again Tuesday!

No Problem!!!  I’m an ole farmboy from many years ago……

My first day on the job, I went out to the shop get my old leather woods boots.  I wasn’t about wear my tennis shoes out the in feed lot.  Actually the feed lot is also the penned in living “quarters” for the cattle.  I found my boots.  I keep them on the lower shelf of the work bench, upside down, to keep the occasional migrating bird from nesting.

No birds in the boots.  But the rubber heels were disintegrated.  It appears that some little four legged rodent had decided the heels of my boot made a tasty morsel!   I checked closely, shook the boots and banged them on the work bench, no, nothing was living in side so I decided wearing the  boot would be fine.

With half the boot heel gone, my step tended to lean slightly to the right.  So when I fed the cows,  I chose to carry the bucket in my left hand to counter the right-tracking tendency of the boots.  Not exactly a straight line.  And caution was necessary in my staggered walk, for the cows liked, or needed to leave fresh piles of hazards.  Actually the fresh piles were easy to see, it was the day old piles that blended with the dark ground they caused the real problem for anyone having difficulty walking in straight lines.

One day down, six more to go.  Thinking about new boots….



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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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